Book #28

Roman Mysteries #7, The Enemies of Jupiter by Caroline Lawrence. Man, oh man. This was a page-turner. That crazy Jonathan and his hubris. As always, I love the calm of Mordecai and Nubia. Flavia shows uncharacteristic restraint in this book, but mainly because she isn’t the focus. I’m intrigued by the Emperor Titus. I know […]

I want new furniture

We have five cats. That’s right, five. A ridiculous number. And as you might imagine, they do a ridiculous amount of damage to our furniture. So some friends of ours are getting a new leather sofa this week, and I’m terribly jealous. Our couch, which is wearing it’s fourth couch cover in four years, is […]

Pentagon blocks troop access to MySpace, You Tube

Seriously…although I really do understand the toll these sites take on overworked network connections, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that once again, the rights of our service members are cut short while they’re fighting for our rights? Read this article: There’s really no way to institute this ban fairly. Basically, it will only affect you […]

Rosie’s Mental Health

In the grocery store yesterday, the National Enquirer’s headline was something along the lines of “Rosie’s Mental Illness: the reason for her outbursts”…it may have even said “angry outbursts.” So now, along with PMS, outspoken women must be mentally ill. Nice. I guess I’m mentally ill, too. It sure does seem that society finds it […]

Our loss…

My husband’s grandfather passed away yesterday. He was 92 and his health was failing and he died peacefully, but none of those things really made us feel any better. He was a wonderful man, and the world is a little sadder place without him. One consolation is that he got to meet our son a […]

Book #27 – The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

Roman Mysteries #6, The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina by Caroline Lawrence. Flavia is truly a girl after my own bossy heart. When her father takes up with a woman, Flavia is sure that the interloper is evil. Following the model of Hercules, Flavia wrangles her friends into helping her complete twelve tasks to get […]