speaking of airlines…

Um, what’s the deal with tsa locks anyway? Our luggage came with them but they seem kind of strange to me. I guess I don’t really understand the concept. Are they locks that keep the airline employees and other strangers out but allow the TSA in? Does that mean that all TSA agents have something […]

Vegas, baby!

Well, it’s official. I’m going to Vegas. We got a discount code for the Wynn, so we’re going for four days. It just so happens my good friend Steph is headed there for a super-fishing convention, so we’re going at the same time as her with the hopes of stealing her away from the anglers […]

new 90210

Um, am I that old? That the show I watched growing up is now being remade? Well, whatever. You know I’m going to watch this trashy show. It looks like the OC meets that crazy Palm Springs show. Love it! Cast looks cool – except for the teacher character played by Ryan Eggold. I really […]

new themes

I’m testing out some new themes, trying to solve the problem of my blog looking fab in firefox and totally sucky in IE. I was hoping that I could just change the theme, and whatever weird code problem existed would just disappear. I should have known better. For your info, this site looks MUCHO better-o […]

I heart podcasts

Jay left me a nice comment explaining that she also enjoys podcasts while sewing. I was going to just reply to her comment, but I was going on and on, so I figured I should make a post about it. To me, listening to a good podcast while sewing (or driving or grocery shopping when […]