gems on the web

I could write one of these posts at least 3 times a day. Here are some new (to me) bloggers I love: Circada Daydream – new fabric designer, Michelle Benesko Fresh Figs – fabric and pattern designer, Joanna Figueroa The Bower at Small Meadow Press – all kinds of good stuff


I was just telling you about the cute panel I bought that has three trick or treat bags that you cut out and sew. The thing is that even though halloween is a marketers dream, with more cute products than you can shake a stick at, I always feel a little funny about it. Like […]

Aunt Millie’s Garden

I just finished glue-basting this first block from Aunt Millie’s Garden by Piece O’ Cake Designs. I’m super excited about it, and instead of being exhausted, I can’t wait to start the next one! I’ve been collecting Denyse Schmidt fabrics for about six months in preparation for this project. I also found a few new […]

A Disappointing Gabfest

I often tout the great’s Political Gabfest as one of my favorite podcasts. I usually love the interesting legal insight of Emily Bazelon, the timely and often historically-based (and poll-based) comments from John Dickerson and the quick wit of David Plotz. However, this week was a sad exception. John is exempt from my criticism […]

cars, condos and convalesence

Its time for us to re-look at our car insurance. It seems like every year, it needs to be reassessed. Last year, I called and ended up getting about $75 in additional discounts because of the safety features on our car and our OnStar membership. I think this time, I’m just going to go ahead […]

one more thing about that

And about this job search my husband is doing…he posted his info on a couple job boards, and he’s been getting a ton of calls from head hunters and recruiters. I mean, four or five every day. That’s crazy, right? I’ve never had a real hard time finding a job, but I’ve never seen this […]