Does Amy Butler have a say in how we use her patterns?

I have always been confused about pattern designers saying what I can and can’t do with things I make from their patterns. I think this is such a murky area, that like the tags on mattresses, people are afraid to act because they don’t fully understand that ripping the damn tag off is fully within their rights after purchase. I’m intrigued by this site,, that outlines case law and what is really covered by copyright law. Here is a particularly interesting part about Amy Butler, who has been listed in their Hall of Shame.

So, does anyone have experience with this? It does seem that if I use her patterns to make stuff, I should be able to sell it. But I’m still afraid. Anyone else? And yet, I wouldn’t hesitate to sell something I made from a Burda or Simplicity pattern, because I almost always alter the pattern in some way.

I’m curious how other crafters feel about this.

More great tutorials!

Seriously, there just isn’t enough time in the day to sew all the things I want to sew. I’ve been admiring these box bags (which my husband calls dopp kits) by splityarn for some time, but couldn’t wrap my mind around the ends. Then I found this AWESOME tutorial by drago[knit]fly. THANK YOU!

In other news, my adorable kid has made up his own language. In the car today, he’d say “what’s red?” and I’d say “roja”…we were working on Spanish. Then he says, “what’s mooshkin?” and then he cracks up. He’s got a whole list of such words. Here are a few: mooshkin, monkshin, bosh, spoosh, bonkshin, maupshin, maups, faumps…I’m guessing on the spelling here. I really think only bosh and spoosh have meanings – which is basically when he does a power ranger move on something. All the rest are purely for silliness sake. I happen to love those words. They make my monkshin faumps!

Star Trek Webmaster Program

So I’m officially a member of the new Star Trek movie Webmaster Program. I’m not sure how crazy I’ll go with my involvement, but last week, I had to search all over for the trailer so I could post it, and now I can download all the images with my special webmaster password. It’s okay to be jealous. Or you can sign up yourself :)

Here are some links:

Official movie site:

Become a fan on facebook:

Some fun links with official photos and interviews:

TrekMovie –
JoBlo –

And here’s the cast list (incomplete, of course):

John Cho, Ben Cross, Bruce Greenwood, Simon Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Winona Ryder, Zoë Saldana, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin, with Eric Bana and Leonard Nimoy

No William Shatner or Patrick Stewart , but we can’t have it all, can we?

some things I want to make

Awesome tutorials from around the web:

Patchwork drawstring bag:

Fabric Gift Card envelope

And I haven’t even begun to go through this treasure trove of tutorials listed on Meika’s Little Treasures! Bounty!

Thanksgiving is a little early – I’m very grateful to all these awesome crafters making the holidays more handmade and more full of love!

Good Job, Joe

This is a ridiculously unobjective interview. There’s a lot of chatter online about how Joe was mad because this Barbara West person didn’t ask softball questions. I think he was mad because she’s an idiot. What a waste of his time. And a waste of Jill’s – I’m glad the Obama campaign cancelled Jill Biden’s interview with this same station.

I think he did a great job responding to her leading, biased questions. He might as well have been interviewed by Sarah Palin.

And speaking of Palin – it’s funny that anyone would cry foul that the Obama campaign cancelled an interview for Jill Biden when the McCain campaign has been micromanaging every interview that Palin doesn’t take!

Make up your own mind…objective journalism or biased right-wing propaganda? Interview with Barabara West of Orlando’s WFTV.

Nikon Coolpix

I recently got a new Nikon Coolpix S550. I thought it was awesome at first, because it takes pictures without flash that aren’t totally blurry. Unlike my old HP R707, which took terrible no-flash pictures unless it was full-sunshine at noon outside. Well, it turns out that the Nikon does take clear pictures indoors without flash, but then everything has this yellow tint. Lame.

The Nikon has some cool features like distortion control, facial recognition, and video. My HP had video that was a little better – one touch of a button and I was filming. On my new Nikon, you have to go into the menu and choose video instead of pictures. Then it stays on whatever you left it on, which results in me turning on the camera to catch a quick moment of my son’s life, only to start shooting stupid video and basically missing the moment.

I truly recommend point-and-shoot digital cameras for everyone, but I wish that I had stuck with HP…I really loved that camera. I only wanted more megapixels.

Anyway, next time I’ll do more research instead of just buying what’s on sale at Costco.


It looks like we’ll be having Thanksgiving at our house – or maybe my sister-in-law’s – and Christmas at my brother-in-law. Despite the wierdness involved in my brother-in-law recently getting divorced and his ex-wife recently moving BACK IN with him, I’m looking forward to the holidays. I think my father-in-law may come out for Thanksgiving, and my mother-in-law already has her tickets for Christmas. I’m glad that worked out on it’s own, because those two can not be in the same room…and they were both talking about coming for Christmas. Sadly, I won’t be seeing my parents.

So anyway, I’m sure to be on the hook for some cooking. I’ve already got my copy of Real Simple ready to go with easy Thanksgiving recipes…but did you know that is all the recipes from Real Simple, Southern Living, Cooking Light and a few others? It’s awesome. It’s kind of annoying too, since I’ve been saving back issues of these magazines for years because of the recipes. Glass half full – I can give them to the library and free up magazine holders for quilting mags!

Anyway, check it out. Besides, it’s my numero uno recipe site. I recommend searching for dessert recipes. And then eating said desserts in lieu of veggies.

holiday spirit

I’m working hard on Christmas gifts. I’m trying to avoid the last minute purchasing spree because all the crafts I had planned never got made. So, so far, I’ve completed two quilt tops, one back and binding – ready to be sandwiched, one waiting to be ironed.

I’ve also finished cloth napkins for everyone. These are about 8″ x 10″ – one fat quarter makes two. I’ve got enough here for six different families :) This is one part of my “green” Christmas, where everyone gets a reusable grocery bag and cloth napkins. And maybe something else – but I haven’t decided what yet. Any ideas? Here are my napkins:

cloth napkins

Thanks to Unspeakable Visions for providing this fun naughty and nice list for planning gifts. I love it! Also, thanks to the Handmade Holiday 2008 group on flickr for keeping me honest and inspired. I do still plan to give a few Oxfam gifts this year though – if you haven’t been on Oxfam America Unwrapped, you should check it out. Lots of great gift ideas – especially for people who have everything!

Just a note about those cloth napkins. I instituted them at my own house about six months ago, and I thought they might be a pain, but actually, they’re awesome. First of all, I love to use them – they get softer and softer with each wash because they’re made of good quilting cotton. Second, they make me feel fancy, even when I’m eating ramen. Third, we have been using the same roll of paper towels for about 4 months now – and it’s still over half full! When they’re dirty, I set them on the washing machine, and they just get thrown in with whatever load I’m doing. If they get too stained with spaghetti sauce or whatever, I’ll just make some new ones, but so far, they are perfect. I highly recommend them for everyone! Reduce – Reuse – Recycle!