so much goodness!

I’ve been on a roaming kick lately. Roaming the web. I can’t help myself! There is so much crafty/foodie blog goodness out there! A couple new favorite blogs:
Lovely pictures, recipes, sewing and knitting ideas and patterns – for sale and for free :)
A fun mix of everything – well written, witty husband and wife duo.
All fabric, all the time.

There’s not enough time in the day! I’m considering implementing a stashbuster mentality around here…anyone else doing this?

And finally, get a load of this bit of out-of-this-world loveliness… Where can I get some of these munki munki prints?! I officially want the martians and the yoga girls. Anyone know?

gems on the web

Oh, there are so many! First of all, it’s nice to know I’m not alone. Second, I was over at Heather Bailey’s lovely blog, and I found this super cute free pattern for a bat named Betty Boo. While there, taking in the sites, I noticed a link for Trick-Or-Eat. Feast your eyes on this lovely collection…”nine favorite food, craft & lifestyle bloggers await behind nine haunted houses — with an array of holiday tricks and treats to greet you.” It’s a great collection of recipes and fun ideas…plus the little house graphics are super cute. Great job to all those super bloggers! And while on – one of said super bloggers, I stumbled onto this fun site…treasure abounds at Ask MetaFilter.

For Halloween at the Blabbery house, we are bionicle crazy. This year’s creation was a big success – in fact, this bionicle costume was the first thing I’ve made for my son that he actually liked. His exact words were, “mom, you can make anything!” and “my costume is awesome!” And then he wouldn’t take it off for two days.

There is no higher praise. Meet Mata Nui…


Hope Valley

I’m sure you mod quilters  and crafters are all over this already, but it’s been a while since I’ve just wandered the internet in search of crafty goodness. Did you know Denyse Schmidt had a new line of fabric coming out? Put me on the waiting list, Free Spirit! This will be worth a trip to the Purl warehouse. Here’s what Denyse has to say about it. I think I’ll need to see it in person…the style is kind of 40s reproduction with a really unique palette. I’m loving the Piney Woods color family – here’s one swatch:

500th Post!

tooty toot toot!I’ve let many a good blog post idea come and go in recent weeks, waiting for that perfect 500th-idea…fabric giveaway? Salute to service members? Soapbox speech on health care reform? Pictures of my kid? Pictures of my cats?

Well, how about this. I’m not doing anything special…except writing a 500th post! I’ve decided that it’s quite a milestone. This blog is literally years of experiences, crafts, books and opinions on anything and everything. I’ve been more committed to it than almost anything else in my life. So there you go – my boring 500th post is a pat on my own back. A toot of my own little horn.

Now, on to 501…