48-Hour Book Challenge Results

More challenging than I thought! Of course, I forgot about the challenge until I saw an incoming link from MotherReader, but luckily, I had just started a new book Friday morning. So here are my big (sad) results:

3 books completed

Book 1: The Quilter’s Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini.
Total pages: 309
Total hours: 7

Book 2: Everything But the Baby by Kathleen O’Brien
Total pages: 273
Total hours: 2.5

Book 3: The Sirens of Surrentum by Caroline Lawrence
Total pages: 196
Total hours: 1.5

Reviews on the way!

3 Replies to “48-Hour Book Challenge Results”

  1. Hey, no need to be disappointed — the challenge is all about setting time aside for you, and for challenging yourself to accomplish something you otherwise wouldn’t have. After all, it’s called the 48 Hour Book Challenge, not the 48 Hour Book Contest.

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    Bill (MR’s husband/editor)

  2. I really did – and thanks for doing all this hard work!

  3. […] I’m so far behind on my book reviews, so I’m going to skip the three I owe (from the 48-hour book challenge) and forge ahead. I loved this book – much more so than the first book of the series, Summer at […]

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