applique complete!

My friendship group is making an applique apron quilt for the auction at our annual quilt show. We all made two blocks. I finally finished the embellishments on mine – I kept them pretty simple, but I’m happy with the results. The apron patterns are from Lori Holt’s Apron Club pattern. I don’t think she has a website, but I’ve seen her patterns in a few online shops. The cup and cupcake were embroidery patterns in Sublime Stitching. I decided to applique them first, then embroider over them. I had a few problems because I doubled the white fabric so my print fabric wouldn’t show through – made it hard to stitch, but I think it’s alright. Once the whole thing is assembled and it’s been washed, I know they’ll be great.

apron 1

apron 2

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  1. I absolutely love your little aprons! Too darn cute. You inspire me, Abi!

  2. Oh my gosh, those are SO DARN CUTE!!!

  3. I really love this too! You should do a tutorial.

  4. Thanks, everyone!

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