Bill O’Reilly vs. Eminem

Here’s a quote from’s story about Bill O’Reilly’s outrage at Eminem’s song “We Made You” in which he says dirty (funny) things about Sarah Palin:

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” he said. “He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot.”

“Kids see it, not adults,” said O’Reilly, adding that “no one over 25 listens to him.”

So, when Bill says “he represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country” – is he referring to rap? Or mocking others? And isn’t Bill a publicity hound as well?

I think Bill O’Reilly is an ass. But I really think he should clarify that comment because it seems like barely-veiled racism. It seems like he’s saying rap is the lowest form of entertainment, and I find that ridiculous. And then he goes on to use Travis Tritt as a counter example…saying

If Travis Tritt made a derogatory reference about Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama , O’Reilly argued, media outlets would “kill him.”

Nonsense. First of all, why Travis Tritt? What crazy red-neck crap has he ever said? None. I love Travis Tritt. Leave him out of your garbage, Bill. Is country music the opposite of rap? Is that how Bill worked that out in his little pea brain?

Um, it’s not. In fact, lots of rap and R&B artists sing songs written by country music artists and vice versa. And doesn’t Miley Cyrus have a little rap song out now? A country rap? Someone must like it, right?

There are no boundaries.

Seriously, can’t we all just get along?

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