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The Stranger by Kathleen O'Brien(Book Binge book #8) The Stranger, book #3 in the Heroes of Heyday series by Kathleen O’Brien. Here we meet the final and most mysterious of the three McClintock brothers.

I’m noticing a prevalence of whips in Ms. O’Brien’s books :)

I really liked this series. I’m hoping for one more book with Mindy and Roddy’s story, but this one was great. Intrigue, love, small quirky town, bad guys peeing on books…what more could you ask for?

As always, highly recommended. I will say, just so I don’t sound like Paula Abdul, that I enjoyed the Firefly Glen series much more than this one. But I really really loved that one, and I just loved this one, so there you go. Constructive.

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  1. Please please tell me how you read so fast.

  2. Simple, I ignore my family and choose books under 300 pages :) Just kidding – I just read all the time – in the kitchen waiting for water to boil, in the bathroom, in the morning when my son watches the Wiggles (this one is mostly to save my sanity)…you get the picture.

  3. Yeah these 600 page novels I’m choosing do take me a while. What’s weird is that I managed to read the first 5 Harry Potter books in 2 weeks and you know those books are HUGE. I take my book I’m reading everywhere I go and read a page or 2 here or there. Maybe I need to start choosing shorter novels!

  4. Well, clearly no books are in the same league as Harry Potter when it comes to keeping one’s attention…it’s not even fair to compare them. I can happily admit that I’m a lazy reader…if something is really deep, and I have to wade through multiple meanings/symbolism/themes etc., unless the story is really moving, I probably won’t read it. I save that brain power for other endeavors…like figuring out what I can make for lunch that my kid might actually eat and not spit out. I kind of look at books the same way I look at television…entertainment.

    I used to commute a lot, and listened to hundreds of books on tape. I could listen to any kind of audiobook – nonfiction, super literary, etc. But to actually sit down and read them is something I seem unable or unwilling to do.

    I suppose I should feel shame about this, but happily, I don’t. Now, where’s my Harlequin?

  5. I see what you’re saying. I tend to try and read the latest and greatest, you know, the books that everyone’s talking about? Then I end up buried in one book for 2 weeks. I almost gave up on The Boleyn Inheritance yesterday. I feel like I’m reading it constantly but I’m barely making a dent in it. It’s due back at the library but I decided since I’m a little over halfway done with it I’d go ahead and finish it. I’m seriously ready to move on the next book, though!

    Maybe I’ll start reading some of your Harlequins!

  6. I’m enjoying your book reports on those long ones…I’ll just wait for you to read them and tell me what they were about :)

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