Book #5

Black Tulip

Well, I’ve finally finished The Masque of the Black Tulip.  Let me preface this review with some info. I listened to the first book in this series on audiobook. It was excellent – probably because the reader had an English accent, and it may have been abridged. That said, I did not enjoy this book nearly as much. I found myself skipping entire pages of internal dialog, and found the ending VERY unsatisfying.

Nonetheless, I’ve requested the third book in the series, something about an emerald, from the library. I’m really hoping for a conclusion to a few of the story lines started in the second book. It took me over a week to wade through the 400+ pages of the Black Tulip. If the next one moves as slowly, I will not finish it.

Caveat to readers: If you enjoy historical romance, you may love this book. I only kind of like historical fiction, I like these books more for the spy story lines.  This book was heavy on the victorian detail, light on the espionage.

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