Book #6

Plum Lovin' I just finished Plum Lovin’ by Janet Evanovich – a between the numbers Stephanie Plum book. I love all the Stephanie Plum books, and this one didn’t disappoint, except that it was remarkably short. I think it took about three hours total to read. But still, funny and ridiculous like all of Stephanie and Lula’s capers.

One thing I thought was funny (not ha ha) is that this is the first novel in the series (that I noticed) where Janet attributed an actual weight to Lula, the heroine’s hefty former-prostitute sidekick who dresses primarily in spandex. She put her at 180, 5’5″. Well, I’m 180, 5’2″. Lula’s weight isn’t so funny to me anymore.

Aw, yes it is. Its funny because of what she wears and what she eats and what she does. Perhaps I should revisit the shiny spandex look and see if it makes me a comedic genius.

That’s a plan doomed to failure. Read these books – they’re hilarious.

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