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  1. Oh man! How clever you are! I have been meaning to figure out those ends and webbing to make myself one! Maybe I will have to pick your brain at the next meeting/weekend sew, not to sell of course… just for my own private musings!

  2. Sell away! It’s not like I made it up. I’m thinking about doing a tutorial anyway. The hardest part was finding the plastic parts. I’m thinking about selling the parts as a kit – the plastic pieces, some webbing and some vinyl with a tutorial so people can make them themselves. What do you think? I think there will always be people who just want to buy one, too.

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  4. Cute! I’ll have to keep these in mind for whenever I get a better camera.

    I had to comment, too, because as I was looking through your site, my e-mail notifier popped up telling me that you’d just commented on mine :) I’m a little nervous about our bee, too. But I think we’ll figure it out and everything will be great!

    And, I’m eying those hexagons you have up there . . . I have some definite deadline projects to get finished asap but after that . . .

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