I heart podcasts

Jay left me a nice comment explaining that she also enjoys podcasts while sewing. I was going to just reply to her comment, but I was going on and on, so I figured I should make a post about it. To me, listening to a good podcast while sewing (or driving or grocery shopping when […]

my new favorite neighborhood

We’ve had a big weekend of house shopping. Well, window shopping for houses. Meaning that, as usual, we really have no intention of buying a house. BUT I found my dream neighborhood yesterday. Historic Riverside. I LOVE the houses. Today, I dragged my husband there – it’s a pretty good drive – and we saw […]

my tv addiction

My name is Blabby and I’m addicted to television. I’m also addicted to fabric shopping, yarn shopping, food shopping (but not cooking) and book shopping, but those are matters for another post. My topic today is TV addiction. Cable companies make it so easy these days to feed addictions. Take Cox television. From Cox, you […]


On every military base I’ve ever lived or worked on, there’s been a paintball course. Some are really elaborate – hay bale walls, lots of structures to provide cover, cool layouts, etc. Most of them outsource the equipment rental part, and they’re not always open because they usually have a full time job somewhere else. […]