The Lacuna

Here’s my review for the lastest Barbara Kingsolver book, The Lacuna. Highly Recommended! I’ve read a bunch of contradictory reviews of Kingsolver’s latest work. I think we all recognize that The Poisonwood Bible is a tough act to follow…and I’ve loved every single one of her books. This one is a departure for sure. But […]

Book #28

Roman Mysteries #7, The Enemies of Jupiter by Caroline Lawrence. Man, oh man. This was a page-turner. That crazy Jonathan and his hubris. As always, I love the calm of Mordecai and Nubia. Flavia shows uncharacteristic restraint in this book, but mainly because she isn’t the focus. I’m intrigued by the Emperor Titus. I know […]

Book #27 – The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina

Roman Mysteries #6, The Twelve Tasks of Flavia Gemina by Caroline Lawrence. Flavia is truly a girl after my own bossy heart. When her father takes up with a woman, Flavia is sure that the interloper is evil. Following the model of Hercules, Flavia wrangles her friends into helping her complete twelve tasks to get […]

Book #25 The Assassins of Rome

Roman Mysteries #4, The Assassins of Rome by Caroline Lawrence. I truly love this series. The characters become richer and more interesting with each installment. This story focuses on Jonathan, whose assassin-uncle shows up and is wanted by Roman authorities. Adventure and intrigue take the four kids plus the handsome Aristo all the way to […]