Yay! Fame!!!!


I’m watching Bride Wars right now, and you know how I know I’m going to love it? Here are the previews – all of which I have added to my Netflix Queue:

Post Grad with the lovely Rory from Gilmore Girls and Matt Saracen from Friday Night Lights!!!

My Life in Ruins – with Nia Vardalos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Like a romance novel come to life! Oh yeah, and Rachel Dratch! Love her.

I Love You, Beth Cooper– with Claire from Heroes…a fun high school movie. My favorite!

and best of all – a remake that I have been impatiently waiting for for over 20 years –


Here’s the official site. It’s got Kherington from SYTYCD, the girl from Summerland (does she sing or dance?) and of course, Debbie Allen! Woo hoo!!! Sept. 25, 2009!

Baby, remember my name…remember, remember, remember


Bill O’Reilly vs. Eminem

Here’s a quote from yahoo.com’s story about Bill O’Reilly’s outrage at Eminem’s song “We Made You” in which he says dirty (funny) things about Sarah Palin:

“Few Americans take the vile rapper Eminem seriously,” he said. “He represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country and is a publicity hound to boot.”

“Kids see it, not adults,” said O’Reilly, adding that “no one over 25 listens to him.”

So, when Bill says “he represents the lowest form of entertainment in this country” – is he referring to rap? Or mocking others? And isn’t Bill a publicity hound as well?

I think Bill O’Reilly is an ass. But I really think he should clarify that comment because it seems like barely-veiled racism. It seems like he’s saying rap is the lowest form of entertainment, and I find that ridiculous. And then he goes on to use Travis Tritt as a counter example…saying

If Travis Tritt made a derogatory reference about Hilary Clinton or Michelle Obama , O’Reilly argued, media outlets would “kill him.”

Nonsense. First of all, why Travis Tritt? What crazy red-neck crap has he ever said? None. I love Travis Tritt. Leave him out of your garbage, Bill. Is country music the opposite of rap? Is that how Bill worked that out in his little pea brain?

Um, it’s not. In fact, lots of rap and R&B artists sing songs written by country music artists and vice versa. And doesn’t Miley Cyrus have a little rap song out now? A country rap? Someone must like it, right?

There are no boundaries.

Seriously, can’t we all just get along?

Hello?! Or should I say Hulu!

How awesome is Hulu.com? I mean, seriously. It’s free. It’s all the shows I jump all over the internet to watch. I can watch everything on my Macbook – as opposed to some network sites (like TNT) that aren’t mac-compatible. I just finished watching Fringe and now I’m watching Heroes. Just a few commercials, but they’re mostly for good stuff – like Goodwill and world relief funds. Seriously – the face of TV is not TV for me anymore.

Thanks, Hulu! My brain is feeling mushier by the minute!

toddler sports and sewing

We’ve been a whirlwind of activity around here. From 3-year old sports classes every day, to a possible impending move, there’s hardly been time to sew! That’s not to say I haven’t been preparing to sew. Which means buying stuff – fabric and books! Here are my newest books…all of which I’m dying to dig into. There are at least 3 projects in all of them that I love.

The third book is a new Aranzi Aronzo book called Cute Stuff for Babies. There are the cutest little appliques in there. My favorite pattern is a bottle holder pouch in the shape of a little quilted bottle. Oh, and the little diaper covers with a bear and bunny face on the baby’s booty. Awesome.

I did finish a couple bow tucks bags. Well, I finished one and one is almost done.

And did I post this already? I’ve just been working on hand sewing all the bit down since I really haven’t had time to sew.


We’ve also been spending time at this lovely place:


Look at these!

I’ve pre-ordered Heather’s book and the new Indigo Girls cd already…I can’t wait for their arrival!

This weekend is my quilting retreat! I thought it was Thursday for a few minutes this morning and I got so excited that my retreat was tomorrow. Then I realized it’s only Wednesday :( Crushing sadness. But then, I thought, it’s already Wednesday! Only one more day to go! How’s that for glass-half-full?

Speaking of retreat, I need to go purchase my wine contribution today!

The Assistant

I’ve figured it out. If I only had an assistant – an executor if you will – to carry out all my good ideas, I’d be rich. I look at things like The Purl Beehive, and I start having 4 million ideas. I’ve got business ideas, craft ideas, website ideas. So, this dream assistant could take all my ideas and run with them and then my little family would reap all the profit. Handsomely rewarding said assistant, of course.

She’d have a lovely room under the stairs. Like Harry Potter, but cozier and happier and full of beautiful fabric. Because she would also sew with me.

Jeez, I need a friend.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Night Lights was awesome. I really love that show.

I’m on the third Emilie Richards Shenandoah Album book, Lover’s Knot. Love it. Such great characters. Emilie Richards really has a gift for making her people jump off the page. I wish I could put it in a bottle and poor it out onto my laptop :)

We had our first day of t-ball the other day. Totally hysterical…my kid is a dreamy dreamer. His favorite part was playing 2nd baseman, which for him meant scuffing his feet over to the pitcher’s mound and back making dust clouds. When I could get him to stay on the base, he preferred standing dead center so no one else could touch it. Here’s a photo.

My kid likes to rock

My three year old only likes rock music. The faster and louder, the more yell-y, the better. I can’t even identify the artists, it’s so far out of my personal taste range. But I’ll flip through the radio, and he’ll say, “YEAH! That one!” He pulls up his lip exaclty like Billy Idol, although I’m positive he’s never actually seen Billy Idol, and start banging his head and playing air guitar.

Where does he get this?

So today, after one loud, yell-y song mercifully ended, I changed the radio station and “That’s What Friends are For” came on an easy listening station. He slumped over in his car seat and made the saddest face ever, like I just took all of his toys and was torturing him. Super dramatic.

I believe part of the love for cheesy rock comes from listening to many, many Power Rangers theme songs. They seem to mostly be of the cheesy rock pursuasion. I must admit, I love them too. Especially Mystic Force and Jungle Fury. Very catchy. Although, those two are newer and not really rock.

a whole month!

Officially the longest I’ve gone without a blog post on here in 2 years. I think. Anyway, not good. It’s a whirlwind around here. Turkeys and presents and power rangers. How do people keep up?

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, so I’ll post some pictures soon. I read the Twilight series. Good but ultimately forgettable. Luckily, we have three more movies to go to keep us interested. glenn beck signing tour busI got rid of some Guild jobs and got some new ones – goodbye newsletter, hello quarterly SoCal council meetings. I got a quasi-promotion/title-change at my real job and now I’m officially working part-time. 20 hrs/week. From home. Pretty cool.

I also read the latest Jennifer Chiaverini book – Winding Ways Quilt. Good, but not the best in the series. Too many vignettes. Like a book of character sketches instead of a nice cohesive story. But still entertaining.

I joined a book club through meet up, but missed the first meeting. I thought it was at 8pm, but it was at 7pm. Dumb. And sad. And they’ve chosen “The Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck for the Jan. book. First of all, I hate Glenn Beck. I refuse to pay money for his book. So if I can’t get it at the library, I’m not going to read it. He’s an idiot. I really wish I had been at the first meeting so I could guage why they chose that book. Is it to make fun of him? Or was it because they are Glenn Beck fans – and if that’s the case – is this the book club for me? Highly doubtful.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it. VERY possible.


I haven’t paid much attention to all the talk of the famed Houston trade-show, the International Quilt Market, I’m just patiently waiting for all the great new fabrics and patterns to be available for purchase from my favorite shops. One such shop though, Fat Quarters (awesome selection, reasonable prices, lightening fast shipping), had a ton of great pictures on their Jolly Jabber blog, and I can’t help but wish I was there.

I’m particularly intrigued by Sandy Henderson and Jay McCarroll. Sandy Henderson has some gorgeous fabrics and some fun tutorials on her blog – including one for shirring! Hooray. The picture of her booth on the Jolly Jabber really grabbed my eye – I LOVE those big fabric flowers around the top of the booth.

You may remember Jay McCarroll from Project Runway…well, in the picture on Jolly Jabber, he’s surrounded by really cool applique quilts. Are they his? He’s also wearing a cool 1970’s string-pieced vest. Is he a quilter? Nothing about quilting or quilts on his site, but you never know…I’m going to research it a little more. Looks like there is a line of fabric on the way…from none other than Free Spirit, my fav. These swatches are from the two lines – one line is called Woodland Wonderland, the other is Garden Friends. I love those trippy little deer and bugs.

Anyway, lots of eye-candy out there. I better start saving my pennies :)