Pentagon blocks troop access to MySpace, You Tube

Seriously…although I really do understand the toll these sites take on overworked network connections, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that once again, the rights of our service members are cut short while they’re fighting for our rights? Read this article: There’s really no way to institute this ban fairly. Basically, it will only affect you […]


We were watching Dan Zanes “Let’s Shake” video on the Disney channel and my husband says, “oh GROSS!” when he noticed that the female keyboard player has hairy armpits. First of all, they show her armpit (barely) for about .05 seconds, so I’m not sure how he even noticed it, but I can only chock […]

The President is funny…on purpose this time

I can count on one hand the times I’ve wanted to listen to the President. That’s not to say I don’t listen, I almost always do, but I usually don’t enjoy it. I think this is an example of him at his best…although his comic timing isn’t great, his self-deprecation is appreciated. 

The gym

Today is the third day in a row that I’ve gone to the gym. I think we’re (me and William) are getting into a pretty good schedule. One problem is that William wakes up anywhere between 5 am and 7 am. Closer to 7am is great – for obvious reasons, but mostly, the gym’s day […]