ipod cover

iPod coverI made this goofy iPod cover…I’m not so great at planning out all the things that have to be sewn into pieces before they’re sewn. For example, I did not sew on any kind of closure, so the finished thing doesn’t close. You might be thinking, “why not sew on a closure now?” Well, the answer is that I could, but not the closure I wanted. I wanted to use these cute little pearl snaps. They must be applied to the fabric before the fabric is all sewn up and you have no access to the back. Make sense?

So anyway, the thing hold my iPod, but it’s flimsy, and I prefer the store-bought case with the clip so it stays in my pocket.

Anyway, here’s what worked:

  1. The think clear vinyl made a cool pocket, and my paper circle punch (1 in. diameter) cut a great circle for accessing the buttons.
  2. The minkie makes a nice inside for my precious nano.
  3. The basic design was pretty successful, although I think a little smaller would be better.

Here’s what didn’t work:

  1. I forgot the snaps.
  2. I forgot the openings for the earphone cord and the keylock switch. It’s funny, I had the flap drawn on my sketch, but when I went to cut the fabric, I couldn’t remember what that flap was for, so I left it out. Turns out, it was my bottom closure that left space on either side for the keylock switch and the earphone cord.
  3. Turning the whole thing inside out messes up the vinyl, and since it can’t be ironed, I think it would be better to put that pocket on last with topstitching, rather than putting it in the fabric sandwich that gets flipped.

iPod cover 2

Free downloads!

I’ve added a Free Downloads page (in the top navigation banner)! Here’s why. In this month’s Quilt magazine, there’s a super cute pattern for a grandma’s garden wall hanging using English paper-piecing. You need 37 hexagons for the pattern, and I was feeling intimidated by the instructions – which include tracing with a ruler and a pencil. So I opened up Illustrator and created my own template sheet. So anyone that needs some hexagons can print them out.

my workstation...I cut two sheets of 3/4 in. hexagons out while watching Dora with my son. Pretty fast! Now I just need to go pick out my fat eighths to make that cute wall hanging.

There are tons of free patterns online for Grandma’s Garden-type patterns. I’m planning on adding more templates now that I know how. If you have a specific size request, let me know. They’re really easy to make.

Also, if you use the template, I’d love it if you’d link back to me so I can see your work! If you’ve never tried English paper-piecing, here’s a great tutorial from Sunshine’s Creations.

Happy Sewing, everyone!

sew what?

my new messenger bagI made a new bag. I like it. I made up the pattern. It was pretty simple – your standard sew everything backwards and flip it all out through a little hole. The problem is that that flap is backwards. I took it apart and sewed it back together twice, and still, the flap is backwards. On the other side, there’s a perfectly good, now upside-down pocket.

I’ve got a lot of ideas and not a lot of sewing time. I may need to try some energy pills or something. Or maybe I just need to get off the computer and go to sleep. Tomorrow, we’ve got a big day at the park! Then Wednesday is gymnastics – our third and final class. Let’s hope there are less tears this time.

black holes exist right here

I am a consummate time waster. I haven’t blogged in days and days, but I’ve just spent hours and hours reading other blogs. My starting point of exploration was keeping up with the creative spaces featured over on Joyful Abode. I am honored to be listed among them. This took me many exciting places, but one thing is clear. My advertising-heavy blog is not representative of my creative spirit.

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fabric junkie

This weekend I’m driving my brother-in-law’s truck up to San Fran for him, and I plan to make a few quilt shop stops along the way. And while I’m a big fan of the small, local quilt shop, I’ve been branching out lately. I saw the most gorgeous quilts at Road 2 CA that were made of all these non-cotton, non-standard materials. Velvet binding. Chintz and raw silk piecing. The result was beautiful textures and colors. I’ve been looking for shops like designdivafabrics.com, that sell discount velvet upholstery fabric and other non-quilty items. The upholstery-weight stuff makes great bags…I’ve got one in the works. I want to make some new grocery bags that I can throw in the wash after I buy chicken.

As I figure out what kind of quilter I want to be, I think it’s important to branch out of the local quilt shop.

Just in time!

birds wall hanging

bird detail

Here’s my little birds. Just to recap, my father-in-law is a bird-watcher, and this is a house warming gift for him. Overall, I’m happy. On the first bird I did (yellow border), I kind of cut off his neck because I hadn’t figured out the importance of lining up the lines on the paper when joining two pieces of a block. He’s okay, though. The other birds came out much better. I particularly like the humming bird.

The pattern came from abcpatterns.com, and there are a bunch of different birds in packet.

hanging loopsThe border was just all my scraps sewn together haphazardly. I like how it came out – it probably could have benefited from more quilting, but I’m out of time. I’m attaching two little loops to the back for hanging – I hope that works out okay.

That’s it! Thanks for checking out my crafts :)

super awesome quilters!

I’ve found treasure today. First, I was lucky enough to have BettyNinja leave a nice comment on my blog, whose blog post about waiting for gauze for baby blankets led me to EmiShimosato on Flickr. The crafts are awesome! I especially love the gauze baby quilts. BettyNinja also has awesome stuff on flickr. Even better, she’s got links to amazing stuff all throughout her blog posts! Treasure abounds.

In EmiShimosato’s flickr contacts, I found Lady Harvatine. Seriously – beautiful, contemporary quilts. Her flicker gave me so many ideas for using white! I love white fabric! And her cats seem to love her quilts as much as mine do my own. Plus, her blog design is excellent.

Check them out. Be impressed. Crafters rule!

Now I must tear myself away and take care of my child, who had a crayon in his mouth at the moment.

ta dah!

triangles quiltUsing Moda fabrics – “fall back in time” maybe? I had to adjust the pattern from Denyse Schmidt’s book Quilts because I tried to make it bigger and ended up making it really wide and short. I added the two rows of bigger triangles on the top and bottom and it came out okay. It’s about “nap” size – bigger than lap, smaller than twin, but big enough to take a nap under.

I attempted hand quilting on some of the triangles, but wasn’t crazy about the quality of my stitches (or the time and effort involved.) I did improve, and will try again. On a MUCH smaller project, first.

Anyway, one quilt done :)

my attempt at a signature

my attempt at hand quilting