cut wages

I can’t believe that the Terminator is cutting wages. I’m positive I don’t fully understand the situation, and I’m about to make some broad statements that oversimplify what’s happening, but how can those workers survive on lower wages? That’s really the best option to lower state expenditures? How about putting some tolls on the freeways? I don’t know the solution, but I know that people living on minimum wage are barely getting by, and cutting their wages just makes the situation more desperate.

My heart is breaking for my husband and his employees that are getting laid off. These people are his friends, and he has to give them their notice. And the worst part is that the plant manager and HR manager are total deadbeats. The day after the plant-wide meeting where they announced the layoffs, the plant manager went on vacation and the HR manager has called in sick for the last two days! Talk about jumping ship!

It makes me think of that scene in Band of Brothers where the lame lieutenant hides behind the haystack and then wanders off while his men are fighting. The worst leadership ever.

Some opportunities are cropping up for my husband, and I hope his dream one pans out. He may be making Callaway irons soon if we’re lucky!

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  1. The middle class Joe Smoe gets it in the gut,again. With the economy as bad as it is, there will be many takers for govt jobs even at min. wages, and a new inexperienced breed will make the beurocacy even more difficult to navigate. Employees with tenure that are forced to leave for better wages will lose health & retirment, thus saving the state money,even as he is lowering the standards. I agree, there should be a better way to save money, than burning the middle class. It is not surprising to me that there is such an ongoing flight from Callyforna.

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