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I’ve created a couple PDFs for your crafting pleasure. I love English paper piecing, but I hate tracing hexagons, so I’ve made a printable sheets of 3/4″ and 1″ hexagons a bunch of stuff. When you print them, I recommend card stock, this way you can use the shapes again and again. I store my cut hexagons in ziplocks with the size written in sharpie.

The size of the hexagons is determined by measuring one side – that’s the way they’re measured in standard quilting patterns.

When you cut out the shapes, cut right inside the lines. There are tons of patterns out there using hexagons…Grandma’s Garden type patterns. Have fun!

The PDF sheets are free, but I hope you’ll leave me a comment if you use them. I’d love to see pictures – I hope you’ll link to me if you post any photos of your work!

Updated, after making lots of hexagons: I prefer to just trace a hex onto the back of my fabric, pin my hexes together and join them with a running stitch. Super easy and my stitches never show. Also saves all the work of sewing the paper into the hex first, before sewing the hexes together. I’ve written a tutorial for piecing hexies without paper here. There’s also a great tutorial at Sunshine’s Creations for English paper piecing. Whichever method you choose, have a ball! And share pictures!

One other update: Some people have reported back that they bought some pre-cut templates and the size didn’t quite match up to mine. I apologize for any trouble this might cause. I’m an imperfect quilter and no mathematician  From my printer, the hexies work fine. But just a heads up – I’m not making any guarantees about size perfection! (That’s why they’re free :)) Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Abi

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  3. thanks so much for the hexagon templates, I have been hunting for a pattern in all my patchwork books but to no avail. I realise how important it is to have accurate pieces when patchworking.
    thanks again, will send photo when quilt finished, hopefully this year sometime !!!!!!!!

    Cheers, Susan

  4. Thanks so much for the template, am now looking forward to searching for the fabric and beginning to do the patchwork I used to do so long ago.

  5. Thank you so much. I love to make hexagon samplers for the biggest hex.quilt in Austrelia.
    But one thing I dont understand is: why, 3/4 and also 1 inch, maby you can help me.
    with quilt greetings from Holland. Rika.

  6. Rika – thanks for your comment. I’m not totally sure what you’re asking, but I just randomly chose those sizes because I like them…not too small to be difficult to stitch, but not too large either. Send pictures of your samplers!

  7. Thank you times a gazillion for these – its snowing A LOT here in the UK and all the chores are done so the sewing is coming out and it’s time for a “you know what I’m going to start yet another new project” type thoughts and the one I want to do required me to trace 60 of these little fellas, 2 clicks later and there allllll there ready for me to cut out. I am raising a cup of tea to you right now! Thank you :o)

  8. Thank you for the hexagon shapes but I am working on a little quilt already in progress and need 7/8 inch hexagons (.875 inch.) Would you consider doing one in that size. Thank you for your consideration!

  9. hmmm, I can probably try! Some one else asked for triangles too, and the idea of little triangles has been on my mind. Do they come together like hexes? It sounds so cute!

  10. Thank you so much. That is so sweet of you. I see you went wild with creating and now have 5 choices! Fantastic and same day service too. :) Thanks again.

  11. Thanks for these. I cut freezer paper into an A4 sheet and then printed them directly onto that (non shiny side). Thanks for saving me a bundle of time.

  12. No – you need to leave a seam allowance around the hexagon. So, you can either cut the hexagons out and trace them onto your fabric, and then cut your fabric – leaving a good 1/4 inch of fabric around your traced line. Or, if you plan to do the English paper-piecing method where you leave the paper in, you can cut out fabric squares bigger than the hexagons, so that you’re able to fold down your seam allowance on all sides of the hex.

  13. Dear Abi, THANKS a million, I love making hexagons, I always have some on the go but hate making new templates. I have printed off your templates; ironed the sheet on to freezer paper then cut them out. I have done this as I like using freezer paper when doing my hexagons instead of paper or light weight cardboard as once they are ironed to the fabric for fussy cutting it is so easy to cut them out or sew. Cheers Glenda

  14. thanks for the hexie download. I just started “Betty Crocker Ass” taught me and when I asked her for more thingies she sent me here (teaching me to fish). I needed a sit in front of the TV project. I’ll be punching a hope in the middle and basting so you can’t see it on the front and I can leave it in. Then once they are starched and sewn together I can just pop the template out and reuse.

  15. thank you for the free hexagon template.I have something to do to while away the hours when I cant sleep at night that is beautifull and fullfilling thanks again chrissy

  16. Thank you so much. I was grumbling when I first started cutting out hexagons, since it seemed liked I ruined every other row as I cut down a line. I love that your template has them separated.

  17. Thank you so much for providing the downloads! I’ve wanted to try English Paper Piecing, but never seem to have everything together to get started on it once another project is complete. I always get started on something else right away and the paper piecing just lives in my dreams. Maybe this time when I finish what I’m working on, the English Paper Piecing will FINALLY have its turn.

    So very, very glad to have found you!

  18. I am a very new beginner,just this afternoon in fact. I was so happy to find someone who was willing to share their downloads with out charging. Thank you so much. So on I go and start to cut some hexes.

  19. I just took an English Paper Piecing class and LOVED LOVED LOVED it…BUT (and that is a BIG but) I hated the thought of tracing all those pieces, then I found you :) Thanks so much, you are a lifesaver! I have saved you in my favorites, will be sending pictures when I get farther along…also added you as a LIKE on facebook. Have been machine quilting, but love the hand piecing as a new/old way of sewing. It makes me feel, once again ,like “Grandma’s Little Helper.” I am sure she is watching from heaven smiling at me now.

  20. Thank you for sharing your free printable hexagons with the quilting world. I print them on Quilter’s freezer paper sheets by C&T Publishing. I can print them out, cut them out, press them on the fabric, and the best part I can use them over and over.
    Linda in KY

  21. Thanks for the template. Was looking for some for a sunday school project – not sewing- but a paper patchwork of prayers! Will use them tho’ for my own quilting projects.

  22. Thank you for sharing your printable Hexie pages! I usually use the plastic ones, but they’re one inch….for a needle book project I’m trying, I wanted a bigger one, but didn’t want a whole pack. This is PERFECT!

  23. I was looking for something to reccomend to a quilting friend because I had printed paper hex shapes quite a while back for English paper piecing. I found your site and love it. I’ll let her know and I’ll be back too.

  24. Having been a machine patchworker for a few years, I wanted to have a go at paper piecing. Your brilliant idea has helped me enormously.

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