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I’ve created a couple PDFs for your crafting pleasure. I love English paper piecing, but I hate tracing hexagons, so I’ve made a printable sheets of 3/4″ and 1″ hexagons a bunch of stuff. When you print them, I recommend card stock, this way you can use the shapes again and again. I store my cut hexagons in ziplocks with the size written in sharpie.

The size of the hexagons is determined by measuring one side – that’s the way they’re measured in standard quilting patterns.

When you cut out the shapes, cut right inside the lines. There are tons of patterns out there using hexagons…Grandma’s Garden type patterns. Have fun!

The PDF sheets are free, but I hope you’ll leave me a comment if you use them. I’d love to see pictures – I hope you’ll link to me if you post any photos of your work!

Updated, after making lots of hexagons: I prefer to just trace a hex onto the back of my fabric, pin my hexes together and join them with a running stitch. Super easy and my stitches never show. Also saves all the work of sewing the paper into the hex first, before sewing the hexes together. I’ve written a tutorial for piecing hexies without paper here. There’s also a great tutorial at Sunshine’s Creations for English paper piecing. Whichever method you choose, have a ball! And share pictures!

One other update: Some people have reported back that they bought some pre-cut templates and the size didn’t quite match up to mine. I apologize for any trouble this might cause. I’m an imperfect quilter and no mathematician  From my printer, the hexies work fine. But just a heads up – I’m not making any guarantees about size perfection! (That’s why they’re free :)) Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Abi

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  1. Thanks! Just what I was looking for! Going to do this with freezer paper! :)

  2. Emma Lynch says:

    I used to make these with my sisters. Thank you for making it easy to start again. I’m about to teach my eight year old.

  3. Thanks so much! I always struggle with hand cutting.

  4. Printing a sheet of hexies for a zakka sew-along project – thank you!

  5. Thanks for this, great idea. Thought I might try some patchwork for a change and will certainly link back to you when and if I manage to finish it.

  6. Thanks for these. I am going to try to finish a Grandmother’s Flower Garden started by my mother over 60 years ago!!
    Then I’ll make one of my own. Looking forward to making my “hexies”.
    You are making it much easier.

  7. thank you so much, these will be so useful – i love the hexagonal themes!

  8. Thanks for the hexagon templates! They are just what I needed to take with me on a camping trip where I wanted to do some hand sewing.

  9. I have been using the one inch hexagon pattern for a small baby quilt. Unfortunately, I didn’t print out enough of the one inch hexagon pages….I guess I just thought the page would always be there. Today, when I went back to print from your patterns, the one inch hexagon printed larger. Is it something I am doing wrong? Did you update or change the size in any way? Thanks for answering my questions. Love your blog.

  10. Thanks for the templates! I use these all the time now.

  11. Thanks a lot, how generous of you to create these downloads. Isn’t the internet wonderful. I’m planning to make something with three quarter inch hexes. So far I’ve made one and it looks really sweet.

  12. sue singer says:

    Thanks, thanks, thanks. These are exactly what I need. I saw a quilt in Australian Quilts and it was made up of thousands of 1/2″ hexagons. I am enlarging the pieces slightly and will just have a few less rows around the center medallion.

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  14. Thank-you for having a pattern that I didn’t have to buy. I just want to try my hand at these before making an investment in pkgs. of these hexes.

  15. Yvette Gutenberg says:

    Thanks for having these templates available. I have been looking for a while for them. Appreciate it.

  16. Sue Levesque says:

    I downloaded a couple of pages of hexagon templates and now cannot download more. I love them and am trying to do a number of them for a small quilted project. Could I please download some more? I thank you for the tutorial also. Emisue

  17. Thanks for the hexie templates. I am going to attempt the 1 1/2 inch ones!

  18. Sorry, I’m really not sure. I haven’t changed the templates – perhaps you used a different printer? I’d recommend saving the PDF to your computer so you always have it.

  19. I think all the links are working okay. You should just be able to save the PDFs to your own computer.

  20. good luck!!! post a picture of your progress :)

  21. myrna sossner says:

    Thank you. I started to hand draw hexies when I “found” you and your printable ones.
    I have needed some hand busy work while watching TV in the evening. This will be much better. :>))

  22. Thank you for these templates! I have just started making hexies and I am preferring to print my own templates right now. These are so helpful!

  23. Thank you so much. Just what I was looking for to make my pin cushions. I have loads of templates, but not the 3/4 hexagon size. This was just so helpful, and now I can get started. Kathy

  24. Four dogs and one quilter says:

    Thanks so so much for these wonderful template pages. Am addicted to hexagons and love to print my own paper pieces.

  25. Lynn W. Australia says:

    thanks so much Molly, I have spent so much time online trying to find templates – you deserve a medal

  26. Hello,
    Thanks for the downloads. I love that they are not connected. Do you have one for 1/2″ hexies??

  27. I am teaching an English Paper Piecing class and will refer my students to this web address if they prefer to print and cut their own. Thanks very much!

  28. I Googled for hexie templates because I really want to try them (to make something small, like a pincushion) and found you. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  29. Doreen S,Scotland says:

    Thanks a lot ,just what Ive been searching for.

  30. Christina Recchio says:

    Thank you for the templates, lots of different sizes! I’m looking forward to trying them out. :-)

  31. Thanks so much! So helpful, nice and easy.



  33. Gillian Harris says:

    Hello, I just found your site and I downloaded the Hexagons and Triangles, thank you so much I will post a photo on my blog when my quilt is done.


  34. Hi , my friend told me about you site for hexies . Thankyou so much . I usually spend hours drawing round a pieco of plastic. I’m now going to look on your Pinterest . I have boards myself .

  35. Awesome! Thanks! And good luck with your class :)

  36. Thank you so much for these templates! You’re a doll!

  37. Jeanne Smith says:

    Thanks for the templates- they’re great! Decided it would make a nice change after hundreds of knitted hexagons for my Beekeepers Quilt

  38. catherine brownsword says:

    Thank you so much for the lovely hexagons. This is going to save me a lot of time and make my finished work so much more accurate. So kind of you to share.

  39. Thank you so much for these. A friend gave me some hand drawn ones but the hexagons just don’t come out the same size. I’m looking forward to trying these ones out.


  40. Thanks. I’ve been deperately looking for an actual pattern, especially larger than 1″. This is only the third time I’ve left a comment in my life. That’s how happy I am.

  41. Thanks so much for your generousity, you have no idea how you saved my sanity today :)

  42. Ann Kolpin says:

    I just bought some beautiful die-cut card stock hexagons from Perfect size. I’ve tried freezer paper. I got 150 hexagons for $19. I’m VERY glad I ordered these. They can be used over and over.

  43. Elsabe van Zweel says:

    Thank you for the free downloads! As I am only starting patchwork now for the first time it will sure help me a lot!!!!!!

  44. Thanks works great

  45. I’ve printed off my second and third set of 3/4″. I’m having a wonderful time making these as I sit in our truck all day while we drive from Vermont to Alabama. I’m going to have lots to do things with by the time we get there! Thanks so much. I’ve told my readers about your wonderful generosity.
    Marsha, Quilterinmotion

  46. Thankyou – what a great timesaver. I am in Australia!

  47. A big Thank You for these hexagones.

  48. Thanks so much for doing this. I have some Kaffe bits and will hexxie them and then decide (eventually) what to do with them. You are generous with your time. x

  49. Thank you!!!!

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