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I’ve created a couple PDFs for your crafting pleasure. I love English paper piecing, but I hate tracing hexagons, so I’ve made a printable sheets of 3/4″ and 1″ hexagons a bunch of stuff. When you print them, I recommend card stock, this way you can use the shapes again and again. I store my cut hexagons in ziplocks with the size written in sharpie.

The size of the hexagons is determined by measuring one side – that’s the way they’re measured in standard quilting patterns.

When you cut out the shapes, cut right inside the lines. There are tons of patterns out there using hexagons…Grandma’s Garden type patterns. Have fun!

The PDF sheets are free, but I hope you’ll leave me a comment if you use them. I’d love to see pictures – I hope you’ll link to me if you post any photos of your work!

Updated, after making lots of hexagons: I prefer to just trace a hex onto the back of my fabric, pin my hexes together and join them with a running stitch. Super easy and my stitches never show. Also saves all the work of sewing the paper into the hex first, before sewing the hexes together. I’ve written a tutorial for piecing hexies without paper here. There’s also a great tutorial at Sunshine’s Creations for English paper piecing. Whichever method you choose, have a ball! And share pictures!

One other update: Some people have reported back that they bought some pre-cut templates and the size didn’t quite match up to mine. I apologize for any trouble this might cause. I’m an imperfect quilter and no mathematician  From my printer, the hexies work fine. But just a heads up – I’m not making any guarantees about size perfection! (That’s why they’re free :)) Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks, Abi

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  1. You have saved us all so much time.
    It’s good to no longer need to draw round my 35 year old metal template, well-used and previously handy though it was.
    I even enjoy cutting out the clear and accurate 1 inch templates.
    Many thanks for a great, free resource.

  2. I downloaded the 3/4″ hexi for a friend. She has a friend’s mothers flower garden blocks (13 of them) and she wants to make green hexis in order to join them together. Near as we can tell, the blocks were made in 1942. Awesome!

  3. I am having trouble getting the free templates to download…….I have printed them before, but not today

  4. thank you for the different sizes , gone to try to make a quilt with one of them..thank you again for the help…

  5. Thank you, I just started paper piecing, I love it, special when you have a long trip in the car or waiting in a doctors office.

  6. Thank you so much for these!! I downloaded the 3/4″ hexagons for a paper pieced purse that I want to make. It will be my first time paper piecing … you just made that experience a whole lot easier :)

  7. Thankyou so much for sharing – I find making hexies very relaxing & now can make even more things with your different templates – thanks again

  8. Hi and thank you! I downloaded the 1.5 templates, hoping this will be easier to work with and my old hands. This will save me $$ and lots of time. Again, thank you and bless you.

  9. Didn’t read all the comments so it may have been mentioned, but to get the right size make sure your pdf printing is set to “actual size”. I have a program that didn’t give me the option and yep, the hexies were not true to size. When I used Adobe Reader instead and checked the print ‘actual size’ button they were right on. Thanks for the freebie!

  10. Thanks for downloads i get hubby to cut out my templates for me and he wasn’t happy about working out 7/8″!!
    Now its no problem, thanks again.x

  11. Thank you for the free download. I used freezer paper. Ironed them to the back of my fabric, no slipping. Removing papers is very easy! Double layer of freezer paper makes it like card stock.

  12. Thank you so much for these, I have just started paper piecing and wasn’t looking forward to tracing and cutting out – these are brill.

  13. Thanks from a woman who long ago forgotten this lovely craft. I was wondering if you have any diamonds in your super sheets of paper shapes. 3/4″ hexis could use the company.

  14. Oh, yay! Just started playing with English paper piecing last night, and now I am obsessed. Thank you for the free templates!

  15. Thank you very much for the download! I’ve been looking for 3/4 inch and hit the jackpot here! I printed them on resume paper for a nice thickness for a template!!!!

  16. I noticed a couple of posts about their hexie pcs not being the right size. Just my 2 cents worth but IF you are making a copy of a copy the size can change, so if your pcs haveto be precision don’t copy a copy. Hope this is helpful.

  17. In February this year I started a hexagon coffee table runner using your patterns. After family upset it has developed into a grand mothers garden queen size quilt !! It is keeping me sane. I thank you very much for enabling me to download the patterns. I will send you a photo when it is finished, may be next year.
    Regards Judith

  18. Thank you so much. I wanted to try English paper piecing, but I didn’t want to buy a lot of stuff until I knew if I liked it or not. This lets me make a small sample for free. Thanks again.

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