Earthquakes and life

seismic activityMy mother-in-law has been here for a week and a half, so I have been remiss in my blogging, sewing, reading and TV watching. I put her on a train to a friend’s house yesterday, where she’ll be for two days, so I’ve got a chance to play a little catch up. Unfortunately, I put her on a train to LA right when the earthquake hit! I guess they had to stop the train and check the tracks for damage. Scary. My husband works about an hour out of LA, and they shut his plant down for an hour to check for damage.

Speaking of my husband’s work, they’re laying off a ton of people. His heart is broken. He has to fire some of his best guys because they have less seniority than some s**t-bags that have been there for a hundred years.  Two guys in particular – one with a new baby and one with 4 kids – are really tearing him up. He’s trying to find them jobs with other plants, with staffing agencies, anywhere. I love that he’s helping them, but I hate that the feels that responsibility. He’s so tender-hearted, I know this must be so awful for him. Not to mention how awful it is for the 30+ people that are getting laid off. Some of them are on vacation and have no idea! Awful.

So, I’m counting my blessings today. My husband posted his resume online and had calls from two big companies in two days. His job isn’t in danger at the moment, but the writing is on the wall. He’d be crazy not to start looking elsewhere. No one was seriously hurt in that earthquake, so that’s lucky.

So no complaining from me about my mother-in-law :)

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