fix my computer, part deux

Thanks for all the recommendations, guys. I had a spyware program, but the crap cleaner really helped, I think. Well, I don’t know if it helped yet, but I assume it will because it removed a lot of crap and repaired a lot of registry files. The windows registry alone is enough reason to get a mac.

Last night the commercial for the mac air came on, and I was just staring at it, and my husband said, “do you want that?” Of course I want that! But what about all my PC software…all my adobe CS2 is for windows, as well as my studio 8 bundle. I’m not rebuying that crap – even though CS3 is out. We’re talking thousands of dollars. Well, almost $2000 to replace it all. But for as little as I use it, I certainly don’t need to upgrade yet.

Plus…I don’t really NEED a laptop. I just REALLY want one. So, that’s the story of our lives, right?

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  1. I understand your dilemma. It feels like such a big move to go Mac. I went Mac 4.5 years ago, and I do not regret it for a minute.

    The only thing I really missed was a few science/graphing programs, but I eventually found more than adequate replacements. As far as photoshop goes, note that there are excellent and cheap ($40) alternatives. I’m using Acorn right now and I love it. Some people also seem to like Pixelmator:

    These programs are not as full featured as Photoshop, but it might serve your needs. If you absolutely need Photoshop, you might look around for online retail vendors. A lot of them offer “student” discounts, but do not require proof of student status.

    Regarding Office, I’ve never had any problems with interoperability between the Mac and Windows versions. You can get the new shiny Mac version of Office through Amazon for $140.

    So when all is said and done, it might not be as expensive as you think. ;-)

  2. I notice you didn’t address the need vs. want dilemma, my gadgety friend :) You make good points, though.

  3. Yeah I don’t think waste my time with those matters!

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