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I love my computer. But I’m afraid it’s becoming an albatross. It’s getting so slow…is it the programs I’m running? Is it my internet service? I’m getting lots of new error messages that seem to be a foreshadowing for doom. I got BURNED by the Geek Squad once – they ruined a hard drive with 4 years worth of pictures on it. So I’m gun shy. I call Dell on the phone, and their tech people talk me through fixes, but this doesn’t seem very thorough. I’m considering something like FastTeks, who come to your house and do things like repairs or network installation. Any ideas on this?

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  1. How much RAM do you have? What operating system are you running? I’m assuming you are running some modern version of Windows. If so, download CCleaner (short for CrapCleaner) and an anti-spyware program, like ad-aware. Run both these programs regularly!

    In particular though, I’d pay attention to how many programs are being loaded into memory whenever your computer is running. Make sure that you are only running essential programs (e.g., Firefox) and not letting too many open, unessential programs hog all your memory. ;-)

    Let me know how that works out.

  2. I second the suggestion of using CCleaner on a regular basis. That dang program is fantastic! These FastTeks look pretty cool, too.

  3. CCleaner has saved more computers around here than I care to mention! Also make sure you have Spybot Search and Destroy – it sounds to me like your registry is well gunked up, and those two programs should help.

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