Haircuts and almost two-year-olds don’t go great together. Even when the barber has a cool chair that looks like a horse. But, here are before and after pictures for my faithful reader. Hi reader!

before after

6 Replies to “Haircuts…”

  1. I think he looks younger in the after shot! But adorable in both pics.

  2. Too cute :) Was that his first haircut?

  3. It was his second, and he cried much less this time. I’ll have to post a better picture, that one is pretty terrible.

  4. Oh he is too sweet! Maybe your son and my kitty can get a modeling contract together and make a ton being cute and support us in the manner we have never been accustomed to.

  5. Sign us up, Lin! Although, I think they both have to be well-behaved, right? That might be a problem.

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