internal compass

My friend Sutefani and I were talking about how we’re geographically challenged the other day. I was telling her that during the Parade of Nations, there were a lot of countries that I had never heard of. I try to have a big world view, but clearly I don’t. So anyway, she mentioned that her flight from FL to Mexico was only four hours, and I told her that I thought maybe that was because she was traveling to the Pacific time zone, and it was probably really 7 hours… and she said, “Oh, yeah. You’re probably right.” And then she was telling me about some popular fishing sites in the Indian Ocean, and I said, “so where is that, exactly.”

Basically, we’d both lose at Jeopardy if there was a geography category.

That’s why I have a trusty GPS. We have a Tom Tom 910, and I highly recommend it. Although, I’ve noticed that it always takes me the long way TO wherever I’m going, and then it takes me on a more efficient route on the way back. Annoying, since I’m usually in more of a hurry on the way to a place than on the way back. Also, it always goes for a freeway first. Even if where I’m going is a couple blocks away, it will take me out to a freeway for one exit and back to where I was.

But still. I can get lost and it always tells me how to get home. And that’s really what matters, right? Although, one time, I ended up on this crazy dirt road that was a really (REALLY) steep hill – so steep, I didn’t know if my Passat would make it up on the dirt and rocks, and at the top, there was just a big drop! I had my son with me…it was super scary. That was clearly the long way to where we were going :)

Happy travels!

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