When we rented our house, it had brand new carpet. So new, that it took weeks of vaccumming to get all the “new, inexpensive” carpet fiber off the floor and out of the Dyson. By the time the fibers were gone, we’d covered the carpet in stains. Five cats and a 2 year old will do that. So, I’ve been going back and forth about how to go about carpet cleaning.

First, I sprinkled the stuff that came with the Dyson all over the spots. It’s called absorb or something, basically its just like Resolve’s wet powder stuff. It took a lot of time – sprinkling, rubbing, waiting, vaccuuming. It did look better, but not all that much. I could just go rent the shampooer at WalMart, but that seems like a huge pain. (Did I mention how lazy I am? I’m sure you’ve figured it out by now.) I could get one of those services like Dry Chem or whatever to come, but that sounds like we’ll be kicked out all day and it could possibly be bad for my cats and my kid.

Anyone have a service or product that they recommend? I’d prefer something I could do myself. By the way, I would not recommend the Dyson Animal to anyone. It works fine, but not astoundingly – which, for it’s price, I expected to be more impressed.

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  1. Glad to hear that Dyson Vaccum is working great. But remember having a professional carpet cleaning at least once a year is very important. Especially when having a pet or baby/ toddlers at your household.

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