My first Amigurumi…

In between furiously using my newly allotted tokens on iconbuffet, I’ve also been pretty busy crafting. Here are my newest creations. The little Ami bird is from a pattern from BitterSweet.

The purse is my own design. I wanted a small purse with a long strap that I could wear like a messenger bag. I ended up making the strap too long because once my big-ass wallet is in there, the strap stretches, and my little purse is below my booty. But I still think it came out great. It was very simple – all single crochet, with double crochet for the strap. Let me know if you want a pattern, and I’ll make one up.

ami bird

my #1 model

little purse

3 Replies to “My first Amigurumi…”

  1. The purse is darling. But I’m afraid, even if I did remember how to crochet, a pattern would simply go in a box of projects that I’d never complete. Love it though!!

  2. Your little bird came out perfectly, and the picture of it with you son is just adorable! I’m so happy to see that it was enjoyable to make and now play with, too.

  3. Oh my gosh, your little bird came out SO cute!

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