My name is Blabby. I’m a crafter.

That’s right, I can hardly tear myself away. We may need to write a “Big Book” and hold meetings, because I’m a junkie. Here are my newest creations…the crazy pink purse is for my neice’s birthday – she’s turning nine. Both purses are my own design, and the grey one is my first attempt at a lining. Needs work, but definitely better than no lining. The mouse is my third attempt at amigurumi animals. The pattern came from anapauloli. Still a work in progress.

My good friend Slapdash pointed out that there’s a wealth of amigurumi examples on flickr – so I’ve been doing lots of looking for ideas. I’m amazed at people’s creativity! I’ve never been very good at coming up with good ideas on my own. I’m better at looking at someone else’s genius and copying it. Is that bad? Now, if only I could get it to work to my advantage like Martha Stewart!

grey purse

pink purse



5 Replies to “My name is Blabby. I’m a crafter.”

  1. the pink purse is so cute! I’m sure your niece will love it! Welcome to etsy:)

  2. Thanks Lynne! I love your new primary necklace, by the way!

  3. Crafts and books….very impressive. Sometimes I miss 1 child days :) Very cute purse!

  4. That’s exactly why we don’t have a second kid yet. Although, admittedly, I do all my best work between 8 pm and 1 am. Which is why I never go to the gym…I’m too tired in the morning :) Priorities, right?

  5. I am with you on the staying up late and not making the gym oh well

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