official madness

munki munki martians for swap

Well, I’ll spare you the picture of the pajama pile that rises almost as high as my sewing table, but I’ve been maniacally visiting Marshalls and TJ Maxxes all over Southern California, hunting down any Munki Munki product I could find. Well, that’s not exactly true. I did choose to not buy a few pieces that I saw because I already had so many…like the shoes robe…which I already have five of. I mean – now I have to figure out how to unload all of this stuff on eBay or whatever. I know I’ll make my money back and get to keep all that I want for my stash, but I’m regretting getting so much. I just don’t have the room! And now I want to start sewing, but I have to get all this craziness organized and put away before I can do anything!

Here’s what I’ve found. I’ve entered into the fabric swapping world on Flickr – it’s going well so far. No creeps yet. Fingers crossed! So far, I’ve been able to swap for four more prints…very exciting!

Anyway, I think I’ve found the perfect pattern to bring them all together. Elizabeth over at Oh, Fransson! has come up with a Map of the States! block that I just love. She’s written a tutorial. I’m going to mostly follow it, but instead of cutting apart all the block pieces, I’m going to use paper piecing. Looking forward to it.

* Update – Just when I thought I had things all figured out, I ran across this awesome munki quilt tutorial…too many ideas. SOMEONE PLEASE CLEAN UP MY SEWING ROOM!

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  1. Hold the phone. You’re STILL finding these at Marshall’s and TJMaxx? WHY haven’t I found any yet? I’m thinking about buying some on Etsy, but I am totally bummed that I am not finding any of these in my local stores!! I would just about kill for a set of the kittens or chairs (I was actually just considering buying a set for $64–the cheapest I have found online) or goldfish! Oh, and bikes! I am starting to feel totally insane over this!

  2. Nah, no more. I think they’re all gone now. I checked a couple Marshalls I had already been to, and no Munki Munki in sight. I think I started my search at just the right time. But I did go to probably 15 different Marshalls and TJ Maxxes…totally insane! And I had friends in other states checking for me also.

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