Presidential Primaries

Does anyone else think it’s weird that some states will have the primaries on different days? Like Wyoming – they’re having the Republican primary on Sat., Jan. 5, and the Democratic primary on Sat., March 8. While it’s cool that they’re having Saturday elections, which I think all states should do, does this mean that your political party won’t be secret anymore? I know a lot of people don’t care these days, but I think a lot of people still do. I think voting is a very private thing. Well, not for me personally. I’ll tell anyone in earshot how I feel – which is probably annoying. But for some people, I think it’s right up there with salary information and medical histories.

I’m getting these dates from the NY Times, by the way. I’ve been talking about the primaries on my other blog,, but since it doesn’t really have any readers (although my page rank just moved up to 1!), I wanted to solicit some opinions here.

So, do you have an early primary? Like in two months? How do you feel about that? And what about your privacy – is it being infringed on by the scheduling?

By the way, make sure your voter registration is up to date so you can vote in your primary. Also, if you’re not registered, that’s just shameful and you should rectify it immediately. Please.

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