Reality (TV) Check

So You Think You Can Dance

I seem to be out of the loop this week because my sister was in town. Somehow, my Tivo didn’t record the results show, and I missed Jimmy being voted off of SYTYCD. I am suprised at this – I wish I could have seen his solo. I was not surprised at Faina.

And going way back to last Wednesday – is Hok’s partner the most annoying girl on the planet? I guess we get used to the mature teenagers like Jordin Sparks, so when someone sounds their age (i.e., Jaimie), they sound stupid. I think I just love Hok so much that I want his partner to be someone like Sabra or Sara. I like those girls. And doesn’t the fact that Sabra has only been dancing 4 years inspire you? It’s like, man, I could get there in4 years! Not really, but it’s nice to dream. Anyway, I think Jaimie is really good – I just don’t like her interviews. And it’s sort of impressive that she still has such big boobs after dancing for so long.

America’s Got Talent

I basically hate this show, but did you happen to see the karate guys kicking ass to music? Very impressive.

My Life on the D-List

Ugh – sooo sad. I loved Kathy’s dad. I was crying and crying. And how funny was it that she was asking Jackie what lesbians thought were funny. Can’t wait to see how the candyman works out. Watch this show, already!

Top Chef

Not sure what happened here – I think my Tivo didn’t record it or something. Sad. I’ll just have to find one of the million times Bravo reruns things so I can watch last week’s episode.

On the Lot

I deleted this one from my Tivo – sooo boring.

Did I miss any? What are you watching? In other TV news, I’m totally loving Army Wives on Lifetime and The Closer on TNT.

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  1. I was a die hard SYTYCD viewer last year since my old neighbor Allison was on the show. I keep forgetting to watch it this year.

    I love Flip This House on A&E. It’s the only thing I’ve watched all summer.

    Well, that and I finally caught up on episodes of My Name is Earl that had been recorded from April and May.

  2. I also love Flip This House, but only with the guy from South Carolina. Is that the right one? Because I know there’s a Flip That House also…very confusing.

    If you’re interested, SYTYCD is on tonight (Wed.) :)

  3. I think the South Carolina guy used to eb on it but I haven’t seen a new episode with him for a long time. The Texas guy drives DH crazy but I think his ego is hilarious. He is a character. There is also a bunch of hunky ex-football player and ex-model guys in Connecticut. I think they are even more full of themselves than the Texas guy. Oh, and a girl from Atlanta with a spineless investor. It’s all good!

    I missed SYTYCD again!! Gotta set it to record.

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