Saving Grace and other shows

Saving Grace Holly HunterIs anyone watching Saving Grace on TNT? I really liked the first episode, but the second one was a little wierd. I still love Holly Hunter though, so I’ll keep watching it. Plus, there’s really not much else on. So here’s the status of my TV watching right now:


Days of Our Lives
Uncommon Threads and Creative Juice on DIY


All TNT – The Closer, Heartland, and Saving Grace


Greek on ABC Family

Eureka on Sci Fi


Top Chef on Bravo
So You Think You Can Dance


So You Think You Can Dance
Burn Notice on USA


Monk and Psych on USA


Big fat nothing…I hate Saturday (for TV purposes).


All Lifetime: Side Order of Life, State of Mind, and Army Wives.

I guess TNT is trying to throw a wrench in my Tivo schedule this Sunday, because they’re starting a new 3-week special series called The Company that looks great. I’m going to have to figure a way around the not being able to record two cable channels at once.

I also love History Detectives on PBS. I’m not sure when it comes on – my Tivo just records it when it doesn’t conflict with anything else.

Anyone else watching something good that I’m missing out on?

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  1. We’ve been watching Saving Grace. My husband loves it. I’m kinda like eh. It’s a little raunchy for TV don’t ya think?

  2. I just started watching the show Family Jewels with Gene Simmons. They seem like a really great family and a lot of fun. Kind of like a slightly milder version of the Osbourne’s. It’s on A&E, I believe.

  3. Allison, I talked my husband into watching Saving Grace based on the first episode, then I was embarrassed during the second one. It was really raunchy, and she’s really a kook. I’m going to stick it out for a few more episodes, but I’m not crazy about it right now. Are you watching The Closer?

    Lou, I haven’t seen Family Jewels, but the name cracks me up. I usually don’t like those kind of reality shows – but I’ll give it shot. But does he stick his tongue out a lot? Because that’s gross.

  4. The only thing I’ve been watching is Flip This House. LOVE that show!

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