so much to say!

Lacey Schwimmer on Dancing with the Stars? That’s almost not fair – she’s almost as famous as Lance Bass! That really seems like an unfair advantage. I can’t wait to see Cloris Leachman, either.

How about Sarah Palin? If she wasn’t pro-life, I’d love her. If she wasn’t on McCain’s ticket, I might vote for her. But it’s really not about her, is it? Although, remember that show with Geena Davis, where the Pres died and she takes office. She was only his VP to get the womens’ vote? That could happen – McCain is pretty old. BUT, he’s not going to win anyway *fingers crossed*, so it won’t matter. I think her 17-year old daughter being pregnant is a fun little twist for the conservatives to grapple with :)

Just finishing up Susan Wiggs’ Firebrand. Really awesome book. I highly recommend it.

I loved Barack’s speech. Can’t wait for him to be President!!! It’s time to start reading up on all the crazy propositions showing up on my Nov. ballot…inform yourself!

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  2. this was a fantastic talking point for my p&p visit. thank you :-D

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