Whew. Easter.

It’s been a busy weekend around here – lots of eggs! I think it was a successful Easter, though.

First, we dyed our eggs. Good teamwork here. William and I did the colors, and David helped with the stickers.

Easter 2010-29

Easter 2010-04

Then William and I used some more teamwork to make our Easter Egg cake pops. This was much messier – but fun. I tried using corn syrup to stick the sprinkles to the pops, but that was annoying. The sprinkles don’t immediately stick to the syrup, so I used the food writers instead. Those, along with Wilton’s bottles of cookie icing, worked much better. There are so many fun decorating items on the market!

Easter cake pops-08

Easter cake pops-12

Easter cake pops-05

And of course, we had a million Easter egg hunts in the living room. William wanted to re-hide them a million times. Nobody tell him that there was some Halloween candy in those eggs! Don’t worry – sweet tarts don’t expire :)

Easter 2010-24

Easter 2010-13

Easter 2010-06

Easter 2010-09

Photos for our Easter cards

Update: I found the source, Snorg Tees. I hope they don’t sue me :) Go buy the shirt from them.

My Butt Hurts! What?

I saw this funny shirt online somewhere and decided to recreate it with my handy Office Depot printable iron-ons and a new white onsie. I got the bunnies from Microsoft’s media gallery and made their conversation boxes in Photoshop. I hope my grandma thinks it’s funny :) Oh yea, and isn’t my son the cutest kid ever?!!

Do you get it? Here’s the real picture…


I’d love to give the real artist credit, because this thing cracks me up every time. If anyone knows who it is, please let me know!