a whole month!

Officially the longest I’ve gone without a blog post on here in 2 years. I think. Anyway, not good. It’s a whirlwind around here. Turkeys and presents and power rangers. How do people keep up?

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing, so I’ll post some pictures soon. I read the Twilight series. Good but ultimately forgettable. Luckily, we have three more movies to go to keep us interested. glenn beck signing tour busI got rid of some Guild jobs and got some new ones – goodbye newsletter, hello quarterly SoCal council meetings. I got a quasi-promotion/title-change at my real job and now I’m officially working part-time. 20 hrs/week. From home. Pretty cool.

I also read the latest Jennifer Chiaverini book – Winding Ways Quilt. Good, but not the best in the series. Too many vignettes. Like a book of character sketches instead of a nice cohesive story. But still entertaining.

I joined a book club through meet up, but missed the first meeting. I thought it was at 8pm, but it was at 7pm. Dumb. And sad. And they’ve chosen “The Christmas Sweater” by Glenn Beck for the Jan. book. First of all, I hate Glenn Beck. I refuse to pay money for his book. So if I can’t get it at the library, I’m not going to read it. He’s an idiot. I really wish I had been at the first meeting so I could guage why they chose that book. Is it to make fun of him? Or was it because they are Glenn Beck fans – and if that’s the case – is this the book club for me? Highly doubtful.

Perhaps I’m overthinking it. VERY possible.

Meet Up or be square

meetup.comMy husband’s cousin moved here a couple weeks ago, and within 10 days she had joined five meet up groups. She has made more personal connections with people than I’ve made in almost four years of living here. So, by her example, I joined my own meet up group – a mommies and munchkins group.

This is not my first experience with Meetup.com. Before we moved the 50 miles north to our new house, I joined a mommy group and went to several of the outings. They mostly consisted of walking a fitness route at a local park, hanging out at a local park, and playing at a local park. The good thing was that I learned where all the good parks were. The bad thing was that it’s hot outside.

Anyway, we moved, and it was even hotter, and I’ve been crafting, so no meet ups. Then, Sara (my husband’s cousin) comes to town, and I’m feeling extra loser-ish and hermit-like, and not wanting to pass these traits on to my beautiful child, I log into meetup.com. I find a close mommy group and ask to join. Two days later I get a rejection: “no new members, sorry.” What? Can they do that? After scouring my profile for obvious loser-ish signs to blame the rejection on, I ask to join a different mommy group. This one is a little farther away, but now I’m getting a little desperate.

The organizer emailed me the next day with a  very friendly greeting, two upcoming events, directions and her cell phone number. AND, the events were coffee at a local Starbucks that has a fun giant chessboard outside for the kids to play on, and mall walking. These are obviously my kind of mom’s – the kind that treasure caffeine and air conditioning the way I do.

So I went to the Starbucks meet up and everyone was great.  I have two more events this week, and only one is at a local park – but it has a cover over the playground, so I think we’ll fit in just fine with this group.

My husband thinks I should start my own meet up group – crafting or reading or writing. I think it sounds like a pain in the ass. But kind of like an adventure, also. I’m still on the fence.