Memorial Day

Just for info…because LOTS of people don’t know…here’s what Memorial Day is all about: it’s a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service. Two years ago, I was in DC for a conference for work. I was seven months pregnant, and I decided to hike a few miles through Arlington […]

Pentagon blocks troop access to MySpace, You Tube

Seriously…although I really do understand the toll these sites take on overworked network connections, doesn’t it seem ridiculous that once again, the rights of our service members are cut short while they’re fighting for our rights? Read this article: There’s really no way to institute this ban fairly. Basically, it will only affect you […]

May – Military Appreciation Month

Looking for ways to show your support for our Military? Click here for options. From the America Supports You website: A declaration in 1999 encouraged U.S. citizens to observe May as Military Appreciation Month “in a symbol of unity – to honor the current and former members of the armed forces – including those who […]