Project Runway/Models recap

Yosuzi Sylvester
Yosuzi Sylvester

I just finished watching the premiere of Project Runway and the new show Models of the Runway. I just want to pose the questions: Who thinks Yosuzi lied about her measurements? Who thinks Michael used her as a scapegoat for his own mistakes?

My take is that smocking is difficult by hand, so kudos to him for that skill. BUT it is very easy to overshoot your gathering. Why not use elastic thread so he would have had some wiggle room? I DON’T think she lied. I think that would be suicide in that competition, and she seemed pretty smart and together…

I guess we’ll never know :) Can’t wait for next week!


I haven’t paid much attention to all the talk of the famed Houston trade-show, the International Quilt Market, I’m just patiently waiting for all the great new fabrics and patterns to be available for purchase from my favorite shops. One such shop though, Fat Quarters (awesome selection, reasonable prices, lightening fast shipping), had a ton of great pictures on their Jolly Jabber blog, and I can’t help but wish I was there.

I’m particularly intrigued by Sandy Henderson and Jay McCarroll. Sandy Henderson has some gorgeous fabrics and some fun tutorials on her blog – including one for shirring! Hooray. The picture of her booth on the Jolly Jabber really grabbed my eye – I LOVE those big fabric flowers around the top of the booth.

You may remember Jay McCarroll from Project Runway…well, in the picture on Jolly Jabber, he’s surrounded by really cool applique quilts. Are they his? He’s also wearing a cool 1970’s string-pieced vest. Is he a quilter? Nothing about quilting or quilts on his site, but you never know…I’m going to research it a little more. Looks like there is a line of fabric on the way…from none other than Free Spirit, my fav. These swatches are from the two lines – one line is called Woodland Wonderland, the other is Garden Friends. I love those trippy little deer and bugs.

Anyway, lots of eye-candy out there. I better start saving my pennies :)