Good Job, Joe

This is a ridiculously unobjective interview. There’s a lot of chatter online about how Joe was mad because this Barbara West person didn’t ask softball questions. I think he was mad because she’s an idiot. What a waste of his time. And a waste of Jill’s – I’m glad the Obama campaign cancelled Jill Biden’s […]

gems on the web

Some good stuff online today…thought I’d share. The first one is for all my nerdy friends. The second one teaches the important lesson of don’t crap where you eat. The Hilton’s are big (financial) McCain supporters – he should have known better than to mock her in his ad. See Paris Hilton Responds to McCain […]


I’m so excited. We’ve been waiting and waiting, and now William is finally taking steps regularly. He’s getting more and more confident. I really love the hurky-jerky movements, like he’s a funny little zombie. Soon, I know, he’ll be running circles around me. Enjoy the movie! This is also the first movie I’ve put on […]

Books #29 – 31: More Roman Mysteries

I’m waaay behind on my book reviews. So not only am I lumping three books into this review, but I’m also rolling out my new star rating system thanks to Allison’s Library Love and the developer, eyn. [rating:5]Roman Mysteries #8: The Gladiators from Capua by Caroline Lawrence Lawrence really brings the Colosseum to life – […]