Good Job, Joe

This is a ridiculously unobjective interview. There’s a lot of chatter online about how Joe was mad because this Barbara West person didn’t ask softball questions. I think he was mad because she’s an idiot. What a waste of his time. And a waste of Jill’s – I’m glad the Obama campaign cancelled Jill Biden’s interview with this same station.

I think he did a great job responding to her leading, biased questions. He might as well have been interviewed by Sarah Palin.

And speaking of Palin – it’s funny that anyone would cry foul that the Obama campaign cancelled an interview for Jill Biden when the McCain campaign has been micromanaging every interview that Palin doesn’t take!

Make up your own mind…objective journalism or biased right-wing propaganda? Interview with Barabara West of Orlando’s WFTV.

oh, blog, how I’ve missed you

Man, it’s been a whirlwind around here. My job has been a little busier than normal, my guild has been requiring a lot of time, by the time I have a minute to blog, I just don’t want to look at the computer. So anyway, I thought I’d give you the low down on my concert real quick, and then jump to today.

Instead of going on and on about the great harmonies, the awesome musicianship, the surprises, I think I’ll just use a youtube video to show you the awesomeness. This is from a different show, but it’s a great recording of my favorite song they sang, Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice.”

There are tons of great Indigo Girl videos on You Tube. So, if you’re a fan of good singer/songwriters that can play a mean guitar/banjo/mandolin/piano/harmonica, check them out.

Okay, enough of that. I’ve been reading quite a few Harlequin Sillhouete Romantic Suspense novels. Mostly June and July 08 books. I couldn’t tell you the titles or authors. None have been so remarkable that I remember those things, but they’ve all been pretty good. No stinkers in the bunch.

I got a big bunch of fabric this weekend. Starry Night Hollow Quilt Shop in Encinitas had a good sale this weekend. I’ll post some pics later today. I also finished all the blocks for a new quilt – Denyse Schmidt’s Snake Charmer pattern. I’m using Moda’s Peas & Carrots. Its coming out pretty nice. Not sure how I’m going to quilt it yet. I like that Denyse tied it in the pattern.

As the world continues to turn…

Well well well. Hard to believe that this is the FIRST daytime TV gay kiss! Especially since everyone comes back from the dead, people get possessed by the devil, abducted by aliens, and marry their brothers and sisters on daytime TV. Somehow, I think this will cause more uproar than any of those outlandish themes. Funny thing is that gay kisses aren’t outlandish at all. Good for As The World Turns – groundbreaking move! Those guys sure are handsome!I’m a little annoyed that my favorite, Days of Our Lives, wasn’t the first one to break this staid norm. Get it together, Days!

Brandi Carlile

I tivoed the Viva Las Vegas Elvis special the other night just to watch the Brandi Carlile and Chris Issac performance. Man, that girl never disappoints. If you’re not listening to her, you should be. I’ve already said it, but the concert I went to this summer where she opened with and then sang with the Indigo Girls was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Those girls wail.

On You Tube, there’s a wealth of bootleg videos – presumably made by people much braver than me, sneaking their camera phones and camcorders into concerts. Here’s a great version of Brandi’s Cannonball.


I’m so excited. We’ve been waiting and waiting, and now William is finally taking steps regularly. He’s getting more and more confident. I really love the hurky-jerky movements, like he’s a funny little zombie. Soon, I know, he’ll be running circles around me. Enjoy the movie!

This is also the first movie I’ve put on you tube. I’m trying to find a good way to share movies with family…seems like this is much better than emailing the smaller, harder-to-see versions. Anyone else use any thing like this?

Books #29 – 31: More Roman Mysteries

I’m waaay behind on my book reviews. So not only am I lumping three books into this review, but I’m also rolling out my new star rating system thanks to Allison’s Library Love and the developer, eyn.

Roman Mysteries #8: The Gladiators from Capua by Caroline Lawrence

Lawrence really brings the Colosseum to life – I caution parents of younger readers on this one – it is not for the faint of heart. Although, I know if your younger readers have gotten this far in the series, they’re not turning back. This book opens with Jonathan being trained as a gladiator – he’s changed his name and is trying to forget his old identity. Believing his mother dead and Rome burned at his hand, guilt keeps him from returning to his friends and family. But in true Roman Mysteries fashion, of course those friends would never give up on him. And so the rescue and adventure begins! Enjoy :)

Roman Mysteries #9: The Colossus of Rhodes by Caroline Lawrence

The friends set sail on Lupus’ new ship, formerly the Vespa – the slave ship Nubia travelled on. Lot’s of emotional moments for Nubia as well as for Lupus – who is hoping to find his mother. I was a little annoyed throughout the book with Flavia (hence the missing half star) because her usual singular focus kept placing more importance on their mystery (finding a kidnapper) rather than finding Lupus’ mom. It wasn’t just Flavia either. I could never tell if they really thought finding the criminal was more important or if they didn’t want to lose Lupus for good once he reunited with his mom. As for the rest of the story, I loved the descriptions of the seven wonders, and this book more than any other made me really want to visit Greece. You’ll have to read it to see if they find the kidnapper or Lupus’ mom.

Roman Mysteries #10: The Fugitive from Corinth by Caroline Lawrence

While still at sea as part of Captain Gemina’s trade route, the friends pick up Aristo, who has just spent time with his family in Greece. Aristo informs everyone that he’d like to stay with his family and he’d like out of his contract. Later when Captain Gemina is found stabbed and bleeding, and Aristo is found standing over him holding the knife, he is arrested. Aristo escapes capture and flees and the four friends chase after him to bring him to justice. The story of Lupus’ mom also continues, and it’s a good one. I really loved Nubia in this book. She continues to be my favorite character – she has all the qualities I wish I had, although I fear I’m much more similar to Flavia. As always, Jonathan continues to be a source of comic relief and reason in this book. This is one of the best Roman Mysteries – do you think Aristo did it?

I’m waiting on book #11 from the library – it’s taking forever. I hope I’ve convinced you to start reading these books already. The BBC has created a Roman Mysteries show…wish I could watch it here in the States. I’m looking forward to the DVDs. There’s a trailer on YouTube.