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Here’s a slightly annoying little email I spammed to all my family and friends…thought I’d share it here too. Feel free to copy and paste it in a spam email of your own!


I’ve been thinking a lot about the election and how important it is to our families. Normally, I would spare you all my opinions, but this time, it’s just too important. I’m not really ready to make good on my threat to move to Canada should things not work out, so I figured I better start spreading the word.

I’ve decided to support Barack Obama, and wanted to let you know why.

There are many rumors floating around out there, so here’s some information about Barack’s positions on things I know are important to you:

— Economy:

Health Care:

— Education:

— Energy and the Environment:

This is probably going to be the most important election in my lifetime, and it’s something I strongly believe in. So let’s talk about it. Ask me anything.

Just in case you need info about voter registration, you can find out everything you need at, including the last day to register in your state.
Feel free to forward this email if you also support Sen. Obama. Whatever your choice, I hope you’ll participate in the process!

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  1. I hear both sides all day long and it amazes me how much people believe those anti (whoever) commercials. They are all complete lies and I can’t imagine why people are so gullible. I bet you’d like, it’s where I go every time someone makes some outlandish claim about whatever presidential candidate they are against.

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