This crazy world…

peace190 protesters arrested Saturday. You know what strikes me the most interesting? What’s the cost of arresting all those people? Bail for each one, court fees, lawyer fees (or more work for the court appointed attorneys), and for what?

I am against this war.

If I could lay down in the grass in front of the capitol symbolizing dead service men and women and dead Iraqi’s, I would. I particularly liked the protesters that wore orange jumpsuits and hoods to protest Guantanamo Bay- which I find appalling and inexcusable. I can’t believe it’s still in operation and that more American’s aren’t alarmed by the precedents it’s setting (or breaking, for that matter).

I’ve been emailing back and forth with Evan Knappenberger. I told him I liked his fight, but didn’t like that he was improperly wearing his uniform. I think to most people (including my husband), this is silly. But for me, I was so proud to wear that uniform – I think if you’re going to wear it, wear it right. BUT, even I can see (crazy rule-follower that I am) that it doesn’t really matter – what he’s fighting for is much more important than whether or not his blouse is buttoned. (That’s right, the Army top is called a blouse.)  If you don’t know what he’s fighting about, read this article – it spells it out.

No issue is black and white. Of course I see that now that we’re there (in Iraq and Afghanistan), we can’t just leave by some arbitrary date. I don’t know how we can get out of there and help those people at the same time. I do see that certain people are getting very rich, and it’s sure not the soldiers sweating their asses off and dodging bullets. It’s a disaster. I only hope that the next administration has some good ideas, and not more hot air.

After each of the last two elections, I felt my heart break a little. I couldn’t understand how a full half of my country that I served and loved could betray me. I’ve watched my unchosen leadership ‘lead’ us so far astray that I don’t even recognize my country any more. Now we’re all facing such an uncertain fiscal and foreign policy future that I’m afraid. I’m afraid to have a second child. I’m sure that sounds dramatic, but that’s how I feel. What will the state of this country be when my son is graduating from high school? What future are we leaving for him?

How will the government ever be able to make good on all the promises it’s made to service members when the VA is underfunded as it is. How do you make people understand that being against the war has nothing to do with whether or not you support the troops? How do you make people pay attention long enough to not only register to vote, but then actually make an informed decision about a qualified candidate? How do you make people care when their lives are so full of work, family, bills, personal crises, etc.? It’s really exhausting. And very upsetting.

Please pay attention. Please vote. We’re not helpless unless we choose to be.

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