I’m so excited. We’ve been waiting and waiting, and now William is finally taking steps regularly. He’s getting more and more confident. I really love the hurky-jerky movements, like he’s a funny little zombie. Soon, I know, he’ll be running circles around me. Enjoy the movie!

This is also the first movie I’ve put on you tube. I’m trying to find a good way to share movies with family…seems like this is much better than emailing the smaller, harder-to-see versions. Anyone else use any thing like this?

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  1. So cute :) I know your excitement. Rylie didn’t walk until 21 mos and the drs had me going through every scary test out there and just the other day she learned to jump never thought I would be so excited.
    I have used You tube a couple of times, it seems to work well.

  2. send me the link!

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