Happy New Year!

Whew! What a whirlwind. Holidays…I’m on the fence about them. Seriously. So, we’ve had company for a while, and we’ve been unpacking, and of course there was Christmas and New Years and my kid’s 5th birthday and my birthday and Thanksgiving…I’m pretty sure it’s naptime. Anyway, I got this month’s issue of Everyday Food at […]

more martha

I have to say, too, that the Martha Stewart communities are in too few locations. We looked it up and they’re really only in about 10 places, none of which we are really in a position to move to. One thing I did notice was that the two communities in North Carolina are way more […]

my new favorite neighborhood

We’ve had a big weekend of house shopping. Well, window shopping for houses. Meaning that, as usual, we really have no intention of buying a house. BUT I found my dream neighborhood yesterday. Historic Riverside. I LOVE the houses. Today, I dragged my husband there – it’s a pretty good drive – and we saw […]