Free downloads!

I’ve added a Free Downloads page (in the top navigation banner)! Here’s why. In this month’s Quilt magazine, there’s a super cute pattern for a grandma’s garden wall hanging using English paper-piecing. You need 37 hexagons for the pattern, and I was feeling intimidated by the instructions – which include tracing with a ruler and a pencil. So I opened up Illustrator and created my own template sheet. So anyone that needs some hexagons can print them out.

my workstation...I cut two sheets of 3/4 in. hexagons out while watching Dora with my son. Pretty fast! Now I just need to go pick out my fat eighths to make that cute wall hanging.

There are tons of free patterns online for Grandma’s Garden-type patterns. I’m planning on adding more templates now that I know how. If you have a specific size request, let me know. They’re really easy to make.

Also, if you use the template, I’d love it if you’d link back to me so I can see your work! If you’ve never tried English paper-piecing, here’s a great tutorial from Sunshine’s Creations.

Happy Sewing, everyone!

Just in time!

birds wall hanging

bird detail

Here’s my little birds. Just to recap, my father-in-law is a bird-watcher, and this is a house warming gift for him. Overall, I’m happy. On the first bird I did (yellow border), I kind of cut off his neck because I hadn’t figured out the importance of lining up the lines on the paper when joining two pieces of a block. He’s okay, though. The other birds came out much better. I particularly like the humming bird.

The pattern came from, and there are a bunch of different birds in packet.

hanging loopsThe border was just all my scraps sewn together haphazardly. I like how it came out – it probably could have benefited from more quilting, but I’m out of time. I’m attaching two little loops to the back for hanging – I hope that works out okay.

That’s it! Thanks for checking out my crafts :)


Here’s what I’m working on…I finished a quilt, but it’s in the wash. I’ll post pictures when it’s dry and snuggly. Cross your fingers for me that all the batiks don’t bleed into the white parts! One day I’ll learn my lesson and stop being so lazy about pre-washing.

Anyway, I’m working on some new skills…trying to advance myself or something. Namely, embroidery, paper-piecing and hopefully applique. I haven’t started applique yet, but I got some supplies (steam-a-seam 2 and a pressing sheet.)

embroidery book paper piecingpaper pieced birds

I got this pattern at Road 2 California from ABC Patterns. I’m really enjoying how easily the little birds come together. I wish I had gotten other patterns! They gave us a crazy patch for free…I’m excited to try that one with different types of fabrics (old ties, silks, corduroy…).

Also, I’m working on this…my absentee ballot.

ballotI guess I better get my booty off the fence!