Hope Valley

I’m sure you mod quilters  and crafters are all over this already, but it’s been a while since I’ve just wandered the internet in search of crafty goodness. Did you know Denyse Schmidt had a new line of fabric coming out? Put me on the waiting list, Free Spirit! This will be worth a trip to the Purl warehouse. Here’s what Denyse has to say about it. I think I’ll need to see it in person…the style is kind of 40s reproduction with a really unique palette. I’m loving the Piney Woods color family – here’s one swatch:

super awesome quilters!

I’ve found treasure today. First, I was lucky enough to have BettyNinja leave a nice comment on my blog, whose blog post about waiting for gauze for baby blankets led me to EmiShimosato on Flickr. The crafts are awesome! I especially love the gauze baby quilts. BettyNinja also has awesome stuff on flickr. Even better, she’s got links to amazing stuff all throughout her blog posts! Treasure abounds.

In EmiShimosato’s flickr contacts, I found Lady Harvatine. Seriously – beautiful, contemporary quilts. Her flicker gave me so many ideas for using white! I love white fabric! And her cats seem to love her quilts as much as mine do my own. Plus, her blog design is excellent.

Check them out. Be impressed. Crafters rule!

Now I must tear myself away and take care of my child, who had a crayon in his mouth at the moment.