Whew. Easter.

It’s been a busy weekend around here – lots of eggs! I think it was a successful Easter, though.

First, we dyed our eggs. Good teamwork here. William and I did the colors, and David helped with the stickers.

Easter 2010-29

Easter 2010-04

Then William and I used some more teamwork to make our Easter Egg cake pops. This was much messier – but fun. I tried using corn syrup to stick the sprinkles to the pops, but that was annoying. The sprinkles don’t immediately stick to the syrup, so I used the food writers instead. Those, along with Wilton’s bottles of cookie icing, worked much better. There are so many fun decorating items on the market!

Easter cake pops-08

Easter cake pops-12

Easter cake pops-05

And of course, we had a million Easter egg hunts in the living room. William wanted to re-hide them a million times. Nobody tell him that there was some Halloween candy in those eggs! Don’t worry – sweet tarts don’t expire :)

Easter 2010-24

Easter 2010-13

Easter 2010-06

Easter 2010-09

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  1. Awesome idea! I do believe you are the cake pop queen!

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