60 Minutes

So my favorite new podcast these days is 60 Minutes. The TV show. You can subscribe to get the audio version of the show on iTunes. It’s great. Except, I used to love Andy Rooney. Now I find him a little crochety, always saying mean and pessimistic things. I used to think he was funny – and I guess he still is, but more and more, he’s just sounding like a grouchy old Oscar the Grouch.

But I digress. Today’s topic is about Dubai. Specifically, I listened to a whole story about Dubai on a 60 Minutes episode. So interesting.

I mean, everyone has seen the pictures of “The World”. If you haven’t, you should definitely go to the website. Better yet, take a Dubai Holiday and check it out! Just kidding. I mean, unless you are able to do a Package Holiday Dubai.

Anyway, Dubai intrigues me. In case you didn’t know, Dubai is a city, one of the seven emirates and most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Prime Minister and VP of the UAE and the Emir of Dubai is Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. I find Sheikh Mohammed to be very interesting. First, he has two wives. One is his first cousin, and the other is the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan.

Basically, I can’t even begin to comprehend his life of royalty, immense wealth and power, vision for his city, etc. I am troubled by the seemingly total lack of regard for the environment in the creating of The World, and for what seems to be a pretty serious human rights crisis with the foreign workers doing all the building in the city. In spite of those things, Sheikh Mohammed seems to be accomplishing things one would think impossible in that region. His hope for good education, good healthcare, good LIFE for his people is certainly something I can get behind.

I would love to visit there. Maybe I can find Package holidays Dubai. Dubai is one of a long long list of places of the world I want to see.

I want to know more.

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