Craft Room: New storage!

new sewing storage

There’s a corner of my office/sewing room that is getting a little Hoarder-y. I’ve finished a couple quilts lately and kind of thrown all the cut away batting/scraps on top of this bin. And then I bought some fleece and felt for doll construction and some wovens for scarves and some vintage table cloths and I think you’re getting the picture. That pile is getting CRAZY.

Hoarder corner

So we got this pretty dresser this weekend. It was brand new – possibly the 2nd brand new dresser I’ve ever bought in my life. I don’t know what came over me! But there we were, in the pretty princess little girls section of Rooms To Go, and the sparkly knobs were just calling my name.

It was right next to the Cinderella carriage bed with the sparkly netting. Do you know what I’m talking about?

So here it is (imagine angels singing):
New craft room storage

When I started the dresser search, I went to Goodwill first. They pretty much never have any good furniture at our Goodwill, but I wanted to try. So of course, they didn’t have any good furniture, but they did have a roll of home dec-weight pink and brown houndstooth fabric for $10! I can see the original Hancock’s tag inside that says it was originally $17+ a yard. There are at least 5 or 6 yards on this roll!!! SCORE! Who knows what I’ll use it for – at this price, I might use some of it as stabilizer! Who cares?!

So with my new houndstooth, I have the perfect canvas to make my own ironing board to top whatever dresser I find.

So we got the dreamy dresser, and I got some 3/4″ plywood at Home Depot cut to the right size and my handy staple gun out…

Ironing board

And 4 layers of cotton batting and one layer of insul-bright and one layer of bargain basement houndstooth later, and I have an AMAZE-BALLS new storage dresser and ironing board!

All done! Ironing board dresser

Can you tell I’m excited?

6 Replies to “Craft Room: New storage!”

  1. You are SO ingenious! I have to copy that covering-board-in-fabric idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a super idea!!!! We are in the midst of organizing our classroom at the quilt shop – I need more ‘storage’ AND ironing space…this would so do the trick!!!!

  3. For my daughters birthday (2 months from now) she is turning 8 and wants nothing more than to have a princess theme to her bedroom. I am thinking about finding a dresser and modifying it much like you did. I think stick on jewels, replacement knobs, pink paint, and glitter will be my good friend! Haha. Oh gosh.. wish me luck!

  4. Did you attached the ironing board to the dresser top? If not, does it slide around?

  5. Erica Meehan says:

    very clever

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