Look at these!

I’ve pre-ordered Heather’s book and the new Indigo Girls cd already…I can’t wait for their arrival!

This weekend is my quilting retreat! I thought it was Thursday for a few minutes this morning and I got so excited that my retreat was tomorrow. Then I realized it’s only Wednesday :( Crushing sadness. But then, I thought, it’s already Wednesday! Only one more day to go! How’s that for glass-half-full?

Speaking of retreat, I need to go purchase my wine contribution today!

The Assistant

I’ve figured it out. If I only had an assistant – an executor if you will – to carry out all my good ideas, I’d be rich. I look at things like The Purl Beehive, and I start having 4 million ideas. I’ve got business ideas, craft ideas, website ideas. So, this dream assistant could take all my ideas and run with them and then my little family would reap all the profit. Handsomely rewarding said assistant, of course.

She’d have a lovely room under the stairs. Like Harry Potter, but cozier and happier and full of beautiful fabric. Because she would also sew with me.

Jeez, I need a friend.

Anyway, this week’s Friday Night Lights was awesome. I really love that show.

I’m on the third Emilie Richards Shenandoah Album book, Lover’s Knot. Love it. Such great characters. Emilie Richards really has a gift for making her people jump off the page. I wish I could put it in a bottle and poor it out onto my laptop :)

We had our first day of t-ball the other day. Totally hysterical…my kid is a dreamy dreamer. His favorite part was playing 2nd baseman, which for him meant scuffing his feet over to the pitcher’s mound and back making dust clouds. When I could get him to stay on the base, he preferred standing dead center so no one else could touch it. Here’s a photo.