Look at these!

I’ve pre-ordered Heather’s book and the new Indigo Girls cd already…I can’t wait for their arrival!

This weekend is my quilting retreat! I thought it was Thursday for a few minutes this morning and I got so excited that my retreat was tomorrow. Then I realized it’s only Wednesday :( Crushing sadness. But then, I thought, it’s already Wednesday! Only one more day to go! How’s that for glass-half-full?

Speaking of retreat, I need to go purchase my wine contribution today!

can we build it?

In addition to watching Bob the Builder on a seemingly endless loop (for no more than an hour a day), I’ve been getting some sewing done. I finished my Bow Tuck’s bag, thanks to the patient instruction from Marcy and excellent pressing by Lynn. Here’s a photo.

bow tuck's tote

Then, for inside, I made this fun little wallet.


wallet open

This cool wallet is from this pattern on craftster.com. I’ve sent it to my sister already – so she should get it in plenty of time for Mother’s Day. I also finally sent her the rice and lavender heating pad I made her for Christmas :)

heating pad

After I finished up the wallet – which came together in less than an hour(!), I made us some napkins for the house. I’ve been meaning to do this, but I always find something else to work on. But since we use paper towels for napkins around here, I figured I better get a move on. I had random Surf and Sand by Marcus Brothers fat quarters with no project in mind, so following Amy Karol’s pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing, I cut them into 14×10.5 rectangles – each fq makes 2. I used a little starch when folding and ironing the first folds on each side. This made the ironing and folding the second fold really fast and easy.

cloth napkins

In other crafting news, I’ve been working on my hand-quilted challenge quilt. I used a blue water-soluble marking pen to make some quilting lines, and even though it initially disappeared with water, the marks came back after it dried. Does anyone have experience with this? The brand is Mark-B-Gone. And all the marks are not coming back – only some. I can’t figure it out.